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Another jelly roll quilt

After months of no creativity I decided to make a quilt this summer. Steven’s youngest sister has started university and remembering how cold student houses can get I thought a quilt would be a good present for her.

I chose another pattern from my jelly roll book and took a bit of a cop out by going for the simplest pattern in there. Time was against me so I went for something simple that I knew I would complete without too much stress.

Deciding on a suitable jelly roll took ages – eventually I settled on Moda Tradewinds. It had a great range of colours and I liked the variety of prints – paisleys, floral, Indian elephants and teacups.

I bought a jelly roll and coordinating fabric for the sashing and backing in green and red – Penny’s favourite colours. I panicked from the start that it was a little too bright and busy but eventually I came round to liking it.


Its now finished after 4 weeks – not a bad effort. Its huge. I always underestimate how big the jelly roll quilts are and its fine until I come to quilt them. Getting that much fabric and wadding through my sewing machine proves a challenge.


Baby jelly roll quilt

So another day off work sick so I decided to be productive and do some sewing. My sister in law’s baby is due any day now and I haven’t finished the quilt I promised her.

The last big quilt I made was from a jelly roll and it converted me. It comes together very quickly, much less cutting and faffing and I like the range of fabrics that you get all in one place. I bought this book

and my aim was to make this quilt

I bought a jelly roll and made a start months ago but my heart really hadn’t been in it . The fabric is moda punctuation. I thought it was a bit different but once  I started I’d panicked at who would actually put black fabric in a baby quilt?!

So this was my starting point this morning. I had already done more than I realised so most of the morning was spent pressing and cutting then arranging the blocks. This was not a fun task. I usually make quilts up as as go along and don’t often follow a pattern. At this point I was remembering why. The first row was wrong. I don’t know why and I’m not sure where I had gone wrong. I sat and unpicked the whole lot then had to rearrange the blocks.

So after much muttering and several biscuits I have finished the top

The difference between the dark and light stripes is not as strong as I’d like  (I’d struggled to pick out a good selection) but overall I’m happy. Just need to add a little bit of sashing and the binding. I’m going to wait until the baby is born to decide on which colour to go for.


Beat the Heat – week 4

Weight Wars 

I’ve had a grotty weekend and feeling all doom and gloom but lots of good things have happened so I’m thinking of them and not my tonsilitis!


1.       What have you done this week towards your goals?

1. Achieve a better work/life balance

I’m now settled on dropping my hours and not worrying. Eloise had a trial ballet lesson last week and loved it so I’ve booked her into start those in September and they will be on my day off so it’s all starting to come together. I’d also had problems with my tax credits hanging over me with a very large overpayment being talked about and causing most of my stress. On Saturday I had the final letter relating to it all saying I don’t owe any money, and they owe me so a big relief all round. I think this has helped settle my mind on the money side of things.

2. Get back into reflective journalling

Had a good go at this and its helped me put together my application form for the clinical leadership fellowship. Struggling to get down to the word limit and need to get it sorted and submitted this week.

3. Run once a week

Missed this one again – busy and ill. Same old excuse!

4. Learn to meditate and/or relax


5. Complete 3 things on my DayZero Project

Join the WI has been on my list. I like the idea of the WI but don’t really fit into their typical stereotype. A couple of years ago I rang them and asked for a ‘young’ WI they could recommend. They pointed me in the direction of one which really wasn’t me. Anyway, getting to the point, I’ve heard that there is a new WI being set up in Northampton by a group of people my age, people that I know from my sewing group so I know it will be my cup of tea. I missed the first meeting as we were away so I’m planning on going to the next one.

6. Complete one sewing project (regain my sewing mojo)

No real strides made here but I’ve already rung in sick for tomorrow. The kids are at nursery so I will have the house to myself. Sewing machine will be out and I WILL tackle the quilt for sister in law’s impending baby (still no sign much to her frustration).


2.       What did you do to make yourself feel fabulous?

Cleansed, toned and moisturised and its made a big difference to my skin so I will be sticking to that for the next week. Clearing my rubbish has been stifled as I’ve been ill and really not in the mood. My mum is coming next week so she is acting as a good motivating factor 😉

3.       Do you exercise? What is your favourite kind and why?

Not really. Exercise is not part of my genetic make up (my family will vouch for this inherited trait). The only thing I’ve ever really enjoyed is aquaerobics. You feel like you are working really hard, ache like mad afterwards (I view this as progress) but don’t get out of breath. You also don’t get sweaty. My perfect exercise.

4.       There are loads of fantastic bloggers here in the Beat the Heat competition, which blog or blogs have you discovered through the challenge that you particularly enjoy? Show that person some love!

I’m loving Munchberry at the moment – you’re making me smile! 🙂

5.       Fun Question: What song makes you want to dance at the moment?

My ipod is cluttered with Eloise’s playlist of songs. Some I can handle (Beauty and the Beast theme) some make me want to scream (Dora theme tune) but some are tolerable.  After our holiday in February I spent several days googling the songs that had been at the mini disco each night. This is the current favourite – we all have a good sing and dance and it reminds us of holidays


Right, positive picture time and I’m excited! Got another round of results for my masters today and here are mine –

The blue highlighted bit is me 😀 with 85%. Very very chuffed about that. I didn’t think it was that good so now desperate for the feedback to be emailed to me!


Samuel’s taggy blanket

Samuel is obsessed with anything that he can snuggle in bed – he is a teddy bear fan and at nursery has his own brushed cotton pillowcase to cuddle. He usually sleeps with a label stuck in his mouth as well. I think he is the natural candidate for a taggy blanket. I made one for Eloise when she was born but she was totally disinterested in it. After looking at the prices of ‘proper’ taggies (and having a slight heart attack) I decided to have another go at making one.

I got the fleece at the Festival of Quilts on Friday and then got all the ribbons at Hobbycraft. Eloise had fun picking out all the colours with me. So far less than £6 and half and hours work this is what I have created

I’m feeling pleased with it. I was planning on giving it to him as a Christmas present but Steven has been all negative saying he won’t be into that kind of thing by the time we get to Christmas. Oh well!

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Seriously guilty of blog neglect

I’m ashamed its been over a month since I posted. I’m meant to be trying a post at least weekly and yet again failing miserably.

My excuses are that life has been very hectic – both at home and at work and I’ve been struggling to keep going and get enough sleep at the same time. Even now I’m struggling to think of something informative to write! I will resort to bullet points – apologies for being boring.

I’m busy with my new evening class – textile calico workbook. I’m learning some great new techniques that can be used for loads of different things. It’s also got me interested in hand embroidery – something I’ve never really tried before but I’m loving. I’ve added photos of my favourite piece so far. Not sure whether to keep going with it or to stop adding!

And my photos below just don’t do it justice so I’ve been looking at the adult education brochure for next term. I’m very torn between cake decorating and photography. I need to make a decision soon. Both are practical skills I feel I need at this moment in time!

Eloise and Samuel have both had really good nursery reports in the last couple of weeks. They’re both doing really well. Eloise is ahead in her writing and recent problems with crying when I drop her off in the morning appear to have resolved. Samuel is also doing well and we’ve discussed looking ahead to getting him a statement in the future as his heart condition progresses. It was good as nursery are really supportive in this and it seems they will help us when it’s needed.

Thats it for now. I will muster up more energy tomorrow and write some more.

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Still guilty of blog neglect

Despite making a promise to blog at least once a week I’ve failed again! Never mind. I’ll get there eventually. I have been busy though so thats my excuse.

Yesterday I went to Barrys in Birmingham and treated myself to some lovely fabric

The main one at the front is for a dress for myself. My sister accused me of being too lairy but I’m listening closely to Gok Wan who has advised me to step away from my safe zone of jeans and black or white t-shirt. With the world cup coming up I know I won’t be able to get near the tv so I intend doing plenty of sewing. I’ve got enough fabric to make a dress and top for myself and a dress and outfit for Eloise.

I’ve also been working in the garden having a good tidy up. I’ve bought some new plants but I’m also trying to ressurect some old ones as well. Eloise helped me buy the new plants so guess what colour scheme we’re closely following….

Still have lots on the list to do but I’m getting there. Made £20 on ebay last week – not a life changing sum but enough to get some fabric! Braved weight watchers this morning and I’m 2lb below goal so I’m happy that I’m keeping on the right track there. So all in all – life is good!

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