Progress not perfection

I’ve not had the best week but it could have been worse. I’ve been away from work with a chest infection and study leave and its given me a chance to stop, think and breathe and its left me feeling a bit more positive.

I had an email yesterday with the subject ‘progress not perfection’ and it made me think that yes, things in general are heading in the right direction. I may feel that progress is slow at times but ultimately all is good.

So the positives….

Samuel is getting better. His rash looks horrendous but in himself he’s fine.  He’s been ill for a week and it didn’t cause the usual drama and fall out of not being able to go to nursery. We coped. All is good, other than the really manky hands.

I’ve started to organise coaching through work. I’ve been putting off making the arrangements as I felt I was too busy to go to the meetings in the first place. I know deep down though that this will be a positive and long term helpful thing to do so I’m getting it all sorted out.  I’m also working hard at thinking about what my long term objectives are.

I’ve booked an appointment to get my hair cut this week and I’ve spent money on clothes for myself (gasp in horror)

My essay is very nearly finished. I’m not totally thrilled with it but never mind. I’m already conscious of the next one (due in May) and intending not leaving it as late.

The clocks went forward last night so the evenings will be lighter. I’m planning on getting back into running. I haven’t run at all since my 10k last summer so need to do something drastic. I’ve downloaded a couch to 5k app to get me started. My diet has also gone out the window as I was eating rubbish as I was feeling miserable. By some miracle I’ve only put a pound on. Line drawn, start again, back to point counting tomorrow.


The weather has been lovely for the last few days which always helps my mood. We’ve been busy in the garden having a tidy up and putting a bit of colour in. I’m not a natural Percy Thrower and part of me begrudges doing all this work when it’ll need doing all over again very soon. Gardening is not high on my list of things I enjoy doing and when I do put in some effort its a bit sporadic. I have to remind myself that there aren’t any stinging nettles in our garden any more. We used to battle with them over and over for years and we’ve managed to keep on top of it for the last three years. I just need the time to put the pretty things in now. Getting rid of garden waste is a bit of an issue for us so I’ve decided to get an incinerator – our garden is so small I’m scared of having an open bonfire. I do run the risk of becoming a pyromaniac though and burning whatever I can get my hands on.

Finally, I’m feeling better. No headache since Tuesday and my cough is disappearing. I’m feeling more human. I’m still on my caffeine free stint. Physically I’m not 100% but mentally things are much better!


10k Photos

The photos for my 10k went online this week and I’m quite pleased with them. I’m running in more photos than walking which is a good reflection. It meant I could say to Steven ‘see, I DID run’ – his ongoing pep talk was that I should never walk, just run until I died. I didn’t find it that helpful!

You can have a look at the full selection here

I also got a free download from the finish line. Its not the most dynamic photo (I’d sprinted the last bit!) but its proof that I finished!





Positivity after the gloom

  • I passed both of my essays – a distinction in one of them. It shows  I am capable of doing a masters and the blip during my last module was a one-off and down to bad timing.
  • Samuel is better after a few days of diarrhoea and the worst looking nappy rash I’ve seen in a long time. He’d been cheerful throughout it but had to keep him off nursery.
  • Steven was a star at staying up and looking after Samuel when I had to work.  We managed it well between us with Steven sacrificing quite a bit of sleep to help me out.
  • I’m getting my hair highlighted tomorrow. Debating going a bit mad but will probably wimp out at the last minute. As long as it makes my grey less obvious I don’t care what colour they make it.
  • The weather is great at the moment. Life is more manageable when the sun is shining. I’ve made it through another winter without needing to buy the SAD lamp I debate every year.
  • I’m feeling better about running. Things have not gone to plan this week and I haven’t been able to get out when I wanted but I’m not letting this worry me or have a negative effect. 16 weeks until my run so I still have few weeks to get into my routine.
  • Just over three weeks until my annual leave starts (resisting starting the sleeps countdown just yet)

Nike+ Dashboard

Well, I’ve started. It was walking more than running but I’m hoping the first is the worst.

I got a Nike+ thingy and I hope it will keep me motivated. I like looking at graphs (as long as they are going in the right direction).  It also means I have a lady talking to me through my ipod telling me how far I’ve run. I’m not sure if she’s motivating or patronising at the moment. There is a male voice available as well so I might give that a go instead.

On a positive she did make me run further. I’d set out to do 2 miles but got back home a little bit short. Just because the lady hadn’t announced 2 miles I kept running around our close until she let me go inside. Let’s hope I don’t accidentally set a much bigger distance.

Nike+ Dashboard.

The 11th British 10K London Run

This year I decided to have a go at my Day Zero list. Run at 10k is on there. Its one of those distant thoughts that I would like to think I would do without actually putting in the effort.

I’ve realised that unless I actually enter a race, I’ll never do it. So, a well timed email from the Children’s Heart Federation has meant I’ve entered the British 10k in July.

My preparation so far has included buying a new pair of trainers, printing off a 10k training plan and looking at Nike+ things online. I guess I have to actually put the trainers on now.

The 11th British 10K London Run