Beat the Heat – Week 2

Weight Wars 

My Goals

1. Achieve a better work/life balance

2. Get back into reflective journalling

3. Run once a week

4. Learn to meditate and/or relax

5. Complete 3 things on my DayZero Project

6. Complete one sewing project (regain my sewing mojo)


1. What progress have you made on your goals this week?

A really good week this week. I’ve had a week off work so that has definitely helped the work/life balance. Back to reality tomorrow but I’m planning on trying to keep my head and keep calm with it all.  I also took part in the London 10k yesterday 😀 Feeling very proud of myself and something to tick off the Day Zero list.

1. Achieve a better work/life balance
– week off work!
-Trying not to lose my nerve over asking for reduced hours. Money worries are creeping in so I’m tackling it in a practical way and trying to reduce costs where I can
2. Get back into reflective journalling
-Just need to find my work reflective journal! Also will go and get great reflection book back out of the library this week.
3. Run once a week
– Completed 10k yesterday 😀
4. Learn to meditate and/or relax
– Will look into this this week.
5. Complete 3 things on my DayZero Project
– 10k run – completed!
– Contemplating what else to do. Started decluttering so have decided to get rid of my mountain of books and close my readitswapit account. Will put some of these on bookcrossing 
6. Complete one sewing project (regain my sewing mojo)
– Still thinking about this one. My sister in law is expecting a baby any day now and I still need to make a quilt for it. Really should make this a priority but can’t get into the swing of things.

2. What did you do to make yourself feel fabulous?

We’ve been away for the week so generally relaxed, drank wine and did lots of things as a family. Because of both of our work patterns it is very rare for Steven and I to get a day off together so it was great to have a week away with the children.

3. Did you have a moment in your life where everything changed for you, an epiphany moment, or has it happened gradually?

I have two – my uncle died when I was 16 and I saw this as a time when I grew up. I then when through a similar experience 18 months ago when Samuel was ill and diagnosed with his heart defect. Both were very traumatic but I can look back at the times as a change which was positive for me personally. They changed the way I think and my perspective on life.  This post talks about my most recent one. It is a work in progress but it was kick started then.

4. What made you get involved with the Beat The Heat challenge?

I blame Becks! Also have had life coaching in the past and found the small goals a good way of achieving things. I also like it as a simple way to have a quick check with life and refocus on what’s going on. I get caught up in worries or general busyness so I find it a helpful way to take a step back and have a think about things.

5. What is your favourite TV Show at the moment?

I’m loving The Apprentice at the moment, sadly it ends very soon though. I also really like Project Runway but the last 2 series haven’t been shown over here (booooooo!)


Spring Fever Challenge: Week 3

Life's Journey with a Smile

A little late with my post this week but I’m not going to beat myself up over it!

My Goals

  1. Run at least twice a week
  2. Lose a stone
  3. Stop eating chocolate in the car
  4. Leave work at work
  5. Look at the positives at work rather than the negatives
Overall, I’ve had a good week. I’m feeling positive, not so stressed and feeling like I’m achieving what  I want. I’m also counting down the days until the end of the week  when I’m off work for 11 days (bring it on!) The sun is shining and that always helps my mood!
  • What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
On Wednesday I joined Slimming World. At the moment I’m not 100% convinced on the diet as such but I need the focus. I’ve definitely sorted out what I’m eating and ditched the bad habits I’d slipped into. I just hope the weigh in tomorrow reflects what I’ve done this week.
Work has also been better. I had to have a difficult conversation with a colleague which I’d been putting off. I asked and received advice beforehand which was very helpful and made me feel much more positive going into it. The conversation went well, I survived and the person concerned left happy and not hating me so I think it went well! I was also given advice on managing the situation long term which I’m following and again, its given me a more positive feeling about the situation.
And I managed to get my two runs in!
  • What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?
I’ve planned a week of work away from the office. I feel I’ve got my head around a few work related things that have given me confidence and a more positive outlook.
  • Are your SFC goals your ultimate goals or steps to your ultimate goals?  Do you find it easier to set big goals or do you like making mini-goals?
Mini-goals are far better. Nothing more satisfying than ticking off a completed task so lots on mini ones are better for keeping up momentum.  I get overwhelmed easily by big challenges so like to break it down into more manageable chunks.  My goals on here are just a few small things to get me kick started again.
  • What are some of your ultimate goals, things on your bucket list?
I haven’t really thought about it. I struggle to think beyond the next few years so haven’t got anything notable. I’m working on the Day Zero Project (101 things in 1001 days) and that’s enough for me at the moment! Its a work in progress as well.
  • Fun Question: If you could achieve only one more thing in your life, what would it be?
Blimey! What a question. No idea – I keep telling you I’m rubbish at questions like these.
My positive picture of the week comes from HolwayCreations on folksy.  It’s a bridal bouquet (shameless link to Royal Wedding not intended) made entirely of buttons. I love it!

Time for a challenge

Life's Journey with a Smile


I’m still struggling with managing to post once a week and feel I’m drifting a bit. Work is mad and taking up too much time and energy so its time for a shift in focus.  My lovely friend Becks has recommended The Spring Fever Challenge to me (she’s also joining me in the 10k run or I kind of owe her 😉 )

So the challenge. It runs for 12 weeks and  I have to set myself 5 goals. I also have to treat myself once a week and post a positive picture. I also have to answer a set of questions each week.

So here we go!

  • What are your goals for the Spring Fever Challenge?
    1. Run at least twice a week
    2. Lose a stone
    3. Stop eating chocolate in the car
    4. Leave work at work
    5. Look at the positives at work rather than the negatives
  • Why did you choose them?
  • My weight is creeping up and I need to do something to stop putting on even more. I think stress at work is to blame as I’m eating more and more rubbish at work as comfort food. My biggest problem is eating chocolate when I’m driving.  With Easter coming up it would be unrealistic to stop eating chocolate altogether so I think this would be the next best thing.  I need to get  into the habit of running more. Time is an issue so I need to prioritise and make sure I get out.

  • What is your plan of action to make them happen?
  • I’m contemplating joining Slimming World as I need to do something! The work stress is more difficult to attack but I will mull that over. I think this is more important though as I think it’ll help with my eating as well.  I’ve got a training plan sorted for running. I feel I can easily commit to two nights per week but would like to aim for three.

  • What does this challenge mean to you?
  • Its a little but of a re-energiser after the winter and also a quick help to sort out my work situation.

  • Fun Question of the Week: Let’s  get to know each other! What is something most people (er… fellow bloggers) don’t know about you?
  • I hate questions like this and I’m totally useless at them. I have wide feet – does that count?

    And now for a positive picture. I don’t spend enough time doing the crafts I love. I’ve decided my positive pictures will always be crafty things to try and inspire me to do more!

    This week is a beautiful spring charm bracelet I found on folksy by Fairly Girly –

    Positivity after the gloom

    • I passed both of my essays – a distinction in one of them. It shows  I am capable of doing a masters and the blip during my last module was a one-off and down to bad timing.
    • Samuel is better after a few days of diarrhoea and the worst looking nappy rash I’ve seen in a long time. He’d been cheerful throughout it but had to keep him off nursery.
    • Steven was a star at staying up and looking after Samuel when I had to work.  We managed it well between us with Steven sacrificing quite a bit of sleep to help me out.
    • I’m getting my hair highlighted tomorrow. Debating going a bit mad but will probably wimp out at the last minute. As long as it makes my grey less obvious I don’t care what colour they make it.
    • The weather is great at the moment. Life is more manageable when the sun is shining. I’ve made it through another winter without needing to buy the SAD lamp I debate every year.
    • I’m feeling better about running. Things have not gone to plan this week and I haven’t been able to get out when I wanted but I’m not letting this worry me or have a negative effect. 16 weeks until my run so I still have few weeks to get into my routine.
    • Just over three weeks until my annual leave starts (resisting starting the sleeps countdown just yet)

    My goals for 2011

    I know I’m a week late but my new journal finally arrived yesterday. After lots of pondering I have committed pen to paper and this is what I have come up with –

    • Do more on folksy – add 3 new items a month
    • Go to EuroDisney (and arrive this time!)
    • Keep a journal
    • Blog at least once a week
    • Make a list of UFOs (unfinished objects of a creative variety) and finish them
    • Learn to meditate
    • Decorate our bedroom
    • Think less (I know this sounds woolly – I know what this means to me!)
    • Spend less time on the internet – have 2 internet free evenings a week in January
    • Finish thinking of 101 things for my dayZero list
    • Complete 25 things on the DayZero list
    • Send 365 postcards (random – why did I think of this?!)

    So here we are – its 2011!

    I’m back at home after a great New Year weekend. I’ve been visiting Steven’s family (minus Steven!) and had an interesting but very entertaining time. Describing all events would show my far too bitchy side but it basically involved a family member reveling in self-pity and attention seeking behaviour. Hilarious. The outcome of this is that Steven and I how now decided we are superhuman wonderparents with perfect children. Seriously, I have the evidence!

    Anyway, looking ahead – I’m still planning on getting into writing a journal this year. Not found the right book yet (does that count as procrastination?) but will hunt out a paperchase and sort that out. No, I will do one better and get online and do it tonight!

    I want to blog more. I’m struggling with getting into the habit. WordPress have obviously read my mind though and started a challenge of posting each week . This seems a good place to start and covers a Day Zero target so off we go!