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And the miserable mood continues…

So I was in a bad mood yesterday.

This morning we were woken by our neighbour at 7am who said we needed to have a look at our garage.

Steven’s scooter has been stolen and our garage door wrecked in the process.  Its the second time his bike has been stolen (last time was outside of work) so we know the hassle and inconvenience that this means. Its not the end of the world but just something we could do without thank you very much.

So far so good with the insurance. Someone has been out to secure the door and a new door will be fitted next week. The door was knackered and we needed a new one so this cloud does have a bit of silver lining.

The police have been but no sign of the bike. Last time it was found in a park having been joyridden by a group of kids. We’re guessing the same has happened again and if it is found it is likely to be a write off. Steven is clinging onto the hope that he will get a new bike out of it.

I was contacted by nursery today. They agree that their policy is unclear and that the way it is currently written gives the potential for me to interpret it as I did. As a result they are re-writing the policy. Whilst they understand my point of view, they are adamant that the minimum attendance should be across two days so they cannot accept my request.  The policy does have a clause for exceptional circumstances which they feel is met by his health issues.  As a compromise, they will continue to have Samuel for one day a week until he is due to change rooms in November. They feel that the transfer to another room will be unsettling and then the one day a week will become an issue.  I was told that they are not necessarily refusing to continue that arrangement but they strongly feel it will not be appropriate.  It was suggested that having a secure arrangement until November would give me time to make alternative arrangements if I needed to.

I spoke to Steven who is adamant we remove him from nursery on principle. He’s irritated me as it seems so black and white to him and an easy decision to make.  I’m the one who is looking for a new nursery with heavy heart and I really really do not want to move Samuel to another one.  His happiness is more important to me than my principles. Steven is not agreeing with this position.

I have some ideas and potential solutions so will mull this over at the weekend and hope I wake up with a decision that feels alright to both my heart and my head.

On top of this I have a urine infection. It’s my usual sign that I’m run down. Despite drinking three litres at work today it seemed to be getting worse so I admitted defeat and went to the doctors on the way home. I’m putting my faith in a box of trimethoprim that I have a better weekend. Also sick of cranberry juice already.


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A self-indulgent moan

Time for a cathartic rant in the hope that it helps me sleep tonight.

Reduced hours at work are all sorted. Work are happy with this, the long awaited ballet lessons for Eloise are all arranged and financial arrangements made to cut our costs. So, I was feeling very happy and relaxed that I’d made the right decision and we were all set to start in the middle of September.

On Tuesday I gave my nursery notice that I will be reducing Samuel’s hours of attendance. They declined it. Really did not see that coming and felt quite shocked and upset about it all. They have a two session per week policy. I was fully aware of this. It is standard practice and I understand and support why it is in place. For the purposes of funding a full day counts as two sessions (morning and afternoon) so I requested one full day in the belief that it constituted two sessions, meeting the minimum criteria. On Tuesday I was told that no it doesn’t therefore they will not accept Samuel at nursery for one day. The thing that upset me was they they said they were happy to have him for two half days. Quite what the difference is I do not know and no-one was able to give me a decent explanation when I asked.

I left nursery in tears. I got to work, left my keys in the ignition and thankfully my car was still sitting there an hour later when I realised.

Eloise has attended there since she was 4 months old. Nursery has been a heavy feauture of our lives for 4 1/2 years so I am particularly hurt that I have firmly been denied this with no real explanation or consideration.  For 4 years I have been a governor there so have given my own time to support nursery.

This has placed me in a horrible situation. Do I keep working full time in order to keep Samuel at nursery, stopping Eloise’s ballet lessons, increasing my stress and missing out on taking Eloise to school and picking her up? Or, do I unsettle Samuel by moving him to a new nursery that we do not know?

This change needs to start in the middle of September and I have to give nursery a months notice to withdraw Samuel so essentially I’ve been backed into a corner and have to resolve the situation in a week. Not good.

I’ve written to the head of nursery asking them to reconsider and explaining why I feel this decision is unfair and detrimental to us. I handed it in on Tuesday and as yet no one has contacted me.  The nursery is part of a childrens centre that does excellent work to support families yet I’m feeling very let down and hurt at this moment in time.

I looked round another nursery this evening. Its more expensive and mentally I was comparing it with our current nursery. It didn’t come close. I do not want to move Samuel but feel I have no choice.  The lack of control over the situation is not good!

The day that this change was due to start is Eloise’s last day at nursery. I had seen ourselves as going there until Samuel started school. Instead, I’m feeling very bitter and sad about leaving when it should be a happy time for Eloise. It looks like that will be Samuel’s last day too.

I really am so upset about this and it’s festering far too much in my mind.

On top of this Samuel slept for over 4 hours today and had to be woken up for tea (he’d fallen asleep eating his lunch). He seems to be sleeping more and more and that really isn’t good for the heart mummy paranoia. He has a urology appointment at the hospital next week. I’m secretly praying they need to operate just so he’ll get an echo and we can check on the progress of his valve.

And I have come down with a UTI. After getting over tonsillitis I’m now worrying about spending another weekend feeling like rubbish. Busy day tomorrow and not sure if I can fit in a doctors appointment. I’m currently drinking gallons to try and get rid of the evil thing.

Moan moan moan. Someone please slap me.

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