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Saturday 9: Changes

There are things in my head I want to write about but don’t really have the energy at this moment in time. I’m trying to ease myself in gently with a meme as a cheat!

1. Tell us about one thing that you’d change about yourself if you could.
My hair – it has this half-hearted wave in it that can’t decide what it wants and can’t be tamed. I like minimal hair care so obsessive hair straightening is not for me. I don’t mind if it was curly, I don’t mind if it was straight. It’s the in between indecisive nature of it I can’t handle. I had it cut yesterday and we’re entering an ’embrace the curl’ phase. I predict it’ll last a few months before I get fed up! That reflects my attitude to hair in general – I can’t be bothered. I don’t like making decisions on what to do with it (I’m rambling now aren’t I?)

2. Mattel decides to make a Barbie-like (or Ken-like) doll of you — what would be the most important accessory or accessories they would absolutely have to package you with in order to portray your lifestyle?
A sewing machine or a large fabric stash.

3. Hey, do you like surprises? If yes, what kinds?

No – hate them! I am a very typical ISFJ. The only ones I like are little things like finding a £5 note in my purse that I’d forgotten was there.

4. What was the last snail mail that you received that was significant?
After I’ve sifted through the 3-5 rubbish election letters each day, there isn’t that much there. Yesterday Samuel received his wetsuit from Heartline. Its to help keep him warm when swimming and to try to prevent him going too blue too quickly. We can’t wait to try it out.

5. If you could pick out a brand new nickname for yourself, what would you choose and why?
I’m not really one for nicknames. Eloise seems to have more for me – the main one is ‘Mummy Pig’ which suits me fine at the moment.

6. John Edward’s mistress was on Oprah this past Thursday. She stated that no third person can break up a marriage, so it had to be broken before the two started doing the nasty. Do you buy that?
Really not sure. I think if there is an issue in the first place then someone is more likely to look elsewhere or be open to offers from someone else. An affair is the responsibility of two people – you can’t entirely put the blame on the third person.

7. Do you think it is okay to keep secrets from your s/o?
Small things yes – like I’ve bought stuff and not told him. I took a day off once and went off at my usual going to work time in my work clothes but went shopping instead. He was irritating me a lot and I needed some peace and quiet. It worked a treat. Might have to do it again soon.

8. Have you ever played Truth or Dare? If yes, what’s the weirdest dare that you did?
Nope – I’m very boring and hate any game like this.

9. What, in hindsight, the stupidest thing that you have ever done?
Reversing into a parked car last year.

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