Another jelly roll quilt

After months of no creativity I decided to make a quilt this summer. Steven’s youngest sister has started university and remembering how cold student houses can get I thought a quilt would be a good present for her.

I chose another pattern from my jelly roll book and took a bit of a cop out by going for the simplest pattern in there. Time was against me so I went for something simple that I knew I would complete without too much stress.

Deciding on a suitable jelly roll took ages – eventually I settled on Moda Tradewinds. It had a great range of colours and I liked the variety of prints – paisleys, floral, Indian elephants and teacups.

I bought a jelly roll and coordinating fabric for the sashing and backing in green and red – Penny’s favourite colours. I panicked from the start that it was a little too bright and busy but eventually I came round to liking it.


Its now finished after 4 weeks – not a bad effort. Its huge. I always underestimate how big the jelly roll quilts are and its fine until I come to quilt them. Getting that much fabric and wadding through my sewing machine proves a challenge.

Baby jelly roll quilt

So another day off work sick so I decided to be productive and do some sewing. My sister in law’s baby is due any day now and I haven’t finished the quilt I promised her.

The last big quilt I made was from a jelly roll and it converted me. It comes together very quickly, much less cutting and faffing and I like the range of fabrics that you get all in one place. I bought this book

and my aim was to make this quilt

I bought a jelly roll and made a start months ago but my heart really hadn’t been in it . The fabric is moda punctuation. I thought it was a bit different but once  I started I’d panicked at who would actually put black fabric in a baby quilt?!

So this was my starting point this morning. I had already done more than I realised so most of the morning was spent pressing and cutting then arranging the blocks. This was not a fun task. I usually make quilts up as as go along and don’t often follow a pattern. At this point I was remembering why. The first row was wrong. I don’t know why and I’m not sure where I had gone wrong. I sat and unpicked the whole lot then had to rearrange the blocks.

So after much muttering and several biscuits I have finished the top

The difference between the dark and light stripes is not as strong as I’d like  (I’d struggled to pick out a good selection) but overall I’m happy. Just need to add a little bit of sashing and the binding. I’m going to wait until the baby is born to decide on which colour to go for.

Converted to jelly rolls

So work has started on the jelly roll quilt and already I am converted. After lots of deliberation I chose ‘freebird’ by moda and love the fabric. I’m hoping I can find somewhere that sells it by the metre so I can do a border and binding that matches. The difficulty will be chosing which fabric to have. Such a pity I’ll have to make trips to shops to find this fabric though!

My eyes watered when 202 blocks were mentioned so I’m taking my time with it so I don’t get too fed up. Already I’m worrying about quilting it. Its going to be big and quilting is the bit I enjoy the least. I like putting the top together and then rapidly lose interest. I need to make a new friend with someone who owns a long arm quilter so I can get it done on the cheap. Maybe I’ll start googling that…..