Home Organisation 101: week 1



Like a mad woman I’ve embraced the new school year feeling and signed up to the Home Organisation 101 challenge. It covers one room a week and aims to sort out each room as you go. You don’t have to complete the whole room in a week and can work at your own pace.  I decided to go for it this afternoon and have a really good stab at getting my kitchen in order.

First thing to attack was the fridge. It is a clutter trap, mainly covered in magnets but it also attracts important pieces of paper (this is in addition to the notice board in the kitchen!)

I worried about the magnets though. We tend to buy a magnet whenever we visit somewhere, its something we do as a family with the children and it seems sad to hide them all away for the sake of looking neat and tidy. The kids do break play with the magnets and I get fed up of tidying them up and putting them away though. A compromise for me is to keep them all together on the boiler. They’re out of the way so not continually needing clearing away but our family memory board remains intact

Next job involved tackling some of the cupboards. I’d started some work earlier in the year for 40 bags in 40 days (notice the home organisation theme emerging!) I’d successfully sorted a couple of cupboards and made a start on a few shelves so felt today was the day finally finish them off. The first cupboard is directly above the kettle and gets the most use. I’ve been struggling to fit all the mugs and glasses in recently and top of the cupboard had become a bit of a dumping ground. There were take away menus lose at the top along with odd packets of vitamins, medication and herbal tea bags.

I had a clear out and threw away anything that isn’t used. I also found a plastic holder that used to keep all of the take away menus tidy on the door before it fell off. I glued this back into place and added a couple of wooden pegs inside the door to give a bit more storage. I got a basket to keep all the medication together – the majority lives in the cabinet in the bathroom but the daily stuff and most used (like paracetamol) live here. I sorted everything out so mugs and glasses have their own shelf each. I would like the mugs better organised but am struggling to find an alternative way of keeping them in the cupboard.

On to cupboard two and I again sorted and binned in the same way. I’d made a start on the bottom shelf earlier in the year but needed to get it completed. I put another basket in to keep all of my baking and cake decorating things together. I also managed to clear a shelf and have no idea what to put in there yet. There are two more cupboards to go so I’m sure I will find something.

This cupboard sits next to the calendar and noticeboard which I was keen to minimise. A couple of weeks ago I’d seen this post on iheart organizing and had been keen to try it on this particular cupboard. Rather than use a magnetic sheet on the door I’ve glued pegs on to hold various bits of paper. Our gym timetables tend to float around the kitchen or live stuffed behind the slow cooker so this cupboard will become their new home.

Finally I cleared the worktop around the noticeboard. It had become an overspill for the too full notice board and the slow cooker was acting as an impromptu filing system. Slow cooker is now stored away in a cupboard and all pieces of paper sorted, binned, filed or kept if completely necessary.

Overall I’m really pleased with a productive afternoon. I need to label everything up so will sort that out next week on my day off. There are a couple of more areas in the kitchen to attack – this challenge has separate weeks for the pantry and the laundry so I will use those weeks instead to sort my main food and cleaning cupboards. My other project for the week is the fridge. Not sure how to tackle this one so I’m off to have a trawl on google and pinterest and see what I can find.