2011 Resolutions Update

I’ve found last years list so have decided to have a review / tick / culling session –
  • Do more on folksy – add 3 new items a month 
Miserable fail on this one. Have not added anything in the last year. I’ve decided to mothball this idea for the foreseeable future (that’s not a never though!)
  • Go to EuroDisney (and arrive this time!)
Yes! Managed this one in May
  • Keep a journal
I’ve been sporadic throughout the year. When things get bad I go back to my journal to just get all of the thoughts out of my head. Journalling has been discussed as part of my fellowship and I know I need to journal and reflect on a serious basis. I struggle to do it regularly and I feel I also write things down without asking ‘why’ and getting to the heart of things. I’m making this subject a priority for January.
  • Blog at least once a week
Initially I thought I hadn’t achieved this but again its been sporadic but nearly 50 posts over the year so not tragically off the mark. I’m looking at online blogging projects to help keep my momentum up and keep me going next year. I also hope that the journalling habit unleashes amazing creativity in me but being realistic it won’t!
  • Make a list of UFOs (unfinished objects of a creative variety) and finish them
Another craft-related fail. I’ve done very little sewing this year. I gave up going to Stitch and Bitch as I was struggling with going every week due to tiredness. I’ve joined the WI as a compromise as a monthly evening out that keeps my hand in with creativity.
  • Learn to meditate
Not managed this. Still want to though and will keep looking for a course. Will go and google the Buddhist Centre now……
  • Decorate our bedroom
Yes! Still needs the finishing touches – Christmas presents helped here 🙂 Needs some shelves and sorting but the difficult bit is done
  • Think less (I know this sounds woolly – I know what this means to me!)
Yes! Promise I have done this. Wobbled lots around November but now know not to listen to middle grade registrars who aren’t qualified to have serious conversations about me that scare the hell out of us all.
  • Spend less time on the internet – have 2 internet free evenings a week in January
  • Finish thinking of 101 things for my dayZero list
Still not there. I think I’m on 80-something. Will keep going. January is always a productive 101 month for me.
  • Complete 25 things on the DayZero list
I did well this year. 16 completed and more in progress. I’m enjoying this project. Feel the countdown is looming already though.
  • Send 365 postcards (random – why did I think of this?!)

Why, why why? Gone, dead, forgotten. Never will be seen again.

So where will 2012 take me? Will definitely be thinking about this over the next few days and do a post.


The New Year has come early

I’ve been thinking about things to do over the next year and make some progress on the things I want to do. I was good at starting my day zero list but its fallen by the wayside in recent months. I’ve had another look and broken it down into more manageable pieces and decided to concentrate on a few things at a time.

My focus for January is my folksy shop. After initial excitement and a flurry of activity it dried up and nothing really happened. I’m going back to my plan of putting on three new things each month and have started knitting a kindle cover in preparation. I’m also having a look around for inspiration and trying to dedicate a bit more time to creating things.

Time is my biggest issue – or lack of it. I feel the need to cram far too much in and then struggle to keep up with everything. Perhaps I should have a time management resolution for 2011? I’ll have to think of a good SMART objective for that one!

Plodding along

Time for an update. After a flurry of posts last week I lost momentum and haven’t got round to posting but here we are.

Been very busy – work still going well and life is generally positive. Samuel has been ill with conjunctivitis and got sent home from nursery. Another trip to the doctors. I’m finding it a little frustrating that he’s picking little things up and already I’ve missed two days at work through him being ill.

I had Monday off work to get my folksy stuff online. I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped but its a start. I’m furiously knitting a bag to get that online and I have some ideas for some new bits to work on next. I’m learning to take things at a pace and it doesn’t matter if it takes me a little while to get where I want to go.

I’ve been mulling over going back to university to carry on with my masters. I’ve currently suspended my studies after Samuel was ill but I still have to hand in an assignment that I failed last September. I’ve been struggling with whether to redo it or just forget it and walk away. My head is saying do it but my heart is saying I can’t be bothered. We talked about it in my life coaching session today and I think I’m going to do the essay. I’ve booked some time to go to the library and sort all of the old work out and have a think about things. I’ll see how it goes. Deep down I don’t want to return to doing the rest of my masters but I know I have to to help my chances of promotion. The list has come round for the next group of modules and there is nothing on there that interests me. I’ve decided to look for an alternative course that I could transfer onto and I’ve found one that is 100% online and would be funded by work. I’ve also decided to just aim to get a postgrad certificate first rather than aiming for the full masters. If I do the certificate and I’m happy then I can continue. I’m not putting pressure on myself – I’m trying hard to keep my new ethos of small achievable goals.

Tomorrow we’re off to Nannycaraban for a family weekend. On Saturday I’m doing a sponsored walk to raise money for the Children’ Heart Federation so we’re hoping for good weather (I’m not convinced). It’s also my 30th birthday on Monday so I’m intending to eat lots of cake and drink lots of red wine.


I’m looking for a word and can’t find it. I have decided to be more selfish but not in a bad way. I say yes far too easily – out of some obligation to stop hurting peoples feelings and as a result I feel I spread myself far to thinly and I end up far down the list of priorities.

When Samuel was really ill I made the decision that I had to put more importance on myself – if I wasn’t in a fit state to look after my family then I felt things would be even worse. This was part of the reason I got help to sort my head out rather than battling on without saying a word.

My plan to say ‘no’ more often is going well and I’m finding it easier than I thought. I’ve been back at work for three weeks and so far it has been a really positive thing for me. I am really tired from it but in general I am feeling the benefit of being there. Part of putting myself higher on my list of priorities involves keeping out of office politics that don’t concern me and not worrying about things that don’t directly involve me. A situation is brewing and I’m keeping a firm grip on my feeling of ‘not my problem’. It’s between two people and as they’re adults they can sort it out themselves.

I’ve booked a day off work to sit down, do some serious crafting and get selling some things on the internet. Purple Gerberas has now extended on folksy and I hope to have some things on there by next week. (Thank you Mel I’ve booked an evening class to start in the summer as well just because I want to.

So, I’m being more selfish but I don’t like the word selfish as its negative and I don’t feel I’m doing a negative thing. I talked about this at counselling and the suggestion was that if ultimately putting myself as a higher priority means I am better able to care for my family then is it really selfish? Does less altruistic fit the bill? Suggestions welcome!