Circumcisions and scooters

Busy and strange day. Lots happening.

First a trip to the hospital with Samuel to see the urologist. He keeps getting recurring infections and our GP thought he might need a circumcision.  The quickest trip to the hospital I can remember – in and out of the car park in 18 minutes.

The verdict was good. Although he has a bit of a problem, it seems to be resolving itself and he felt it didn’t need surgery. If he gets another infection Samuel has to have steroid cream to help improve things but otherwise we can leave well alone.

Did my bit to spread the good karma by passing my car park ticket on.

Steven then received a letter from the police. His scooter was recovered from a disused hospital on Sunday night. Its a write off. He’s angry that the police recovered it and charged us for the pleasure. The last time his bike was stolen we had requested that we recover it. They ignored this and charged us a huge amount of money.  We formally complained and it didn’t really get us anywhere. Since last week, every single time Steven has spoken to the police he has requested that we recover it to avoid the costs. He was reassured that that would happen so he went a little mad this afternoon at the letter. £150 recovery charge then £10 per day storage fee. We estimate the bike is probably worth about £50 as it is in such a bad state.

He’s spoken to his insurance company and they have agreed to pay out for the bike and will also cover the charges from the police. I have now convinced him to let it go and move on.  I have a feeling the weekend will be spent scooter shopping. The new garage door will be fitted in two weeks time so everything seems to be moving in the right direction.