Life is always better when the sun is shining

I’ve had a really good week. Very positive.

It was my 30th birthday on Monday and I had a great weekend and birthday. I’ve eaten far too much and I’ve drunk well in excess of my weekly alcohol units. Never mind.

My manager has announced she is taking early retirement next year and has asked me if I’m interested in her job. I am so she has agreed to help me and work out what I need to do to be in the running for the job when the time comes.

I’ve had agreement to change masters courses and work have agreed to fund the new one (just the small matter of dealing with the failed assignment first but it will be done!)

I have started work on clearing our bedroom to start redecorating. I have filled three bin bags with stuff from under the bed and I’m only half done! I’m embarrassed to say there’s that much rubbish but my new middle name is ‘ruthless’!

We’ve booked our holiday for next year and after a mild trauma of getting travel insurance for Samuel I managed to sort it today for a normal price.

Samuel seems really well heart-wise at the moment. About a month ago he had a blue episode and I was worrying as he was sleeping a lot and seemed cold all the time. For the last couple of weeks he has been good which is helpful as we have a hospital appointment on Tuesday.

I had a lovely letter to say my tax credits are going up lots! We were seriously worrying about how we were going to pay our monthly nursery bill but this has taken that worry away (hence the holiday booking).

I’m winning a bid on eBay at the moment (typing this may curse me though).

Theres a bottle of rose in the fridge with my name on it.