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Happiness Online


This year I am doing the year long blog project of Happiness Online hosted by my friend Rebecca at Weight Wars.  Its based on the book by Gretchen Reuben and involves setting yourself monthly resolutions based around a theme. All have the aim of improving your happiness and outlook on life. Each resolution should be something small and simple that can become a habit over the course of the month and then be a change that sticks rather than being abandoned as soon as the month ends.

The project also has ‘Commandments’ and ‘Rules of Adulthood’ which help influence and keep focus throughout the year.

Firstly, I had to think of commandments that are the guiding principles for the project and life (this all felt a bit daunting!) So, I  had a look online and pinched some inspiration from others but here are my commandments –

  • Let it go
  • Accept the chaos
  • Do one thing at a time
  • Clutter breeds clutter
  • Be the change
  • Baby steps
  • Action, not reaction
  • Deeds, not words
  • Strive for excellence not perfection

Next, are the rules of adulthood. These are simple things that you’ve learnt in life (but the ones that I usually forget).

  •  It’s okay to ask for help
  • Eat better, eat less, exercise more
  • By doing a little bit each day you can get a lot accomplished
  • People don’t notice your mistakes and flaws as much as you think
  • Stop, think. It’s probably not that bad
  • Saying no doesn’t mean I am a bad person

My resolutions are….

January – Vitality 

  • Take my supplements each day
  • Journal twice a week
  • Sort the paperwork/shredding (15 mins a day in the Flylady style)
  • Eat more healthily
  • Go to bed early one night a week

February – Remember Love

  • Make the most of time together
  • Love myself a bit more
  • The little things matter
  • Do a random act of kindness once a week
  • Stop keeping a mental tally of everything

March – Aim Higher

  • Focus on one thing
  • Remember that I am not an endless ‘resource’ for others, I must stock up on ‘reserves’ and not get too drained
  • I must be fair to myself and remember, at all times especially in the face of criticism, anxiety and difficulties, THAT I AM DOING THE BEST THAT I CAN!!
  • Delegate
  • Do a daily priority list

April – Lighten Up

May – Be Serious About Play

June – Make Time for Friends

July – Buy Some Happiness

August – Contemplate The Heavens

September – Pursue a Passion

October – Pay Attention

November – Keep a Contented Heart

December – Boot Camp Perfect 


One response to “Happiness Online

  1. Catia says:

    I’m excited to read about your Happiness Project. I especially loved your Rule of Adulthood, “Saying no doesn’t mean I’m a bad person.” So true! I’ve been learning lots lately about how to say no and be a little more sane in life. Peace and Grace, Happy Blogging:

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