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Positive steps for the New Year

on January 6, 2013

A week into the New Year and I’m feeling settled and positive ready to tackle a busy year.

We have a number of plans, nothing concrete but I’m waiting on the outcome of a few other things first.

I’ve decided to be more active to help the weight loss but also my sanity. I read about ecotherapy the other day. A very simple concept that being outside, doing something improves your both physical and mental well-being. Something so simple but another thing on that list of good advice that I generally ignore. I’ve made the effort this week and we’ve been out and about when possible. I’m even debating buying a season ticket for the car park so we can be country park regulars.

After all of the recent rain it has been very muddy

And the kids have got their money’s worth out of the wellies they got for Christmas

Samuel has also suddenly got better at walking a distance. Before Christmas he was firmly back in the buggy or asking to be carried after a short distance. This had led to lots of contemplation over whether it was his heart restricting him or Samuel just being awkward. This week has shown that its him. We’ve walked for over an hour at a time with out any moaning or requests to be carried. The test will be walking to school this week but I’m feeling optimistic.

I’m trying to increase the average number of steps I do each day. I’d struggle with getting a set target each day so I think its easier to simply say increase my average daily steps. I’m not feeling too good this weekend with a cough and cold so rather than heading to bed this evening I went for a walk on my own to clear my head. My aim is to do this more often.

After weeks of struggling with my workload I’ve had a catch up with my masters. Its helped my conscience more than anything. I’ve booked lots of study days in my diary and intend treating them as sacred. I book them in my diary and normally its the first thing to get cancelled whenever work gets busy. After long discussions about this with various people I know that my studies are just as important as everything else and I need to consistently give it the time it needs.

Along with this I’m tackling my organisation at work. At times I’m too reliant on a million post-it notes and my overworked brain to keep track of everything. I multi-task in a very dodgy way to the extent that I feel like I have ADHD at times.  I’ve created a new plan of attack starting tomorrow. To do lists in one place, not having my emails open all the time, planning my day and focusing entirely on the most important task of the day first. I’m giving it a weeks trial and will see if it makes any difference.




One response to “Positive steps for the New Year

  1. love this 😀 Intrigued about your plans…

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