Happy New Year 2013

I’ve been planning to do the full yearly round up, looking at my resolutions etc etc but being brutally honest I haven’t got the energy.  I’ve also ‘failed’ miserably on the goals I set but in reality I’m not bothered. I’ve learnt to be gentler on myself if I don’t achieve something and ultimately my family are happy, life is good so what does it matter?

Work has been busy, I’m struggling to keep up with my masters and too much is going on to stress myself with something I thought up 12 months ago. Will the world end if I don’t meet my decluttering targets? Nope.  On a positive note I’ve decided on the topic for my dissertation. This is a major step forward.

At the moment I’m not sure whether I will sit up tonight, contemplating life  and journalling or just go to bed at 10pm as usual and read my book. I’m reading this at the moment – its making me think lots. In a scary way.

I’ve had a good and busy year. We’ve been away quite a bit which is working well for us – short weekend trips away from home that give us some precious family time. I’ve changed my priorities and know that its not a bad thing to put myself first sometimes. Samuel’s health has remained good and at a recent cardiology review we were told that it is unlikely he will need intervention within the next three years. This is the best indication we’ve ever been given so we are thrilled.

I finished my fellowship and completed a post graduate qualification. Its left me a more confident person and has helped me make decisions over my future career. I feel settled in my job and the major change that we have been seeking for years is hopefully going to come to fruition this Spring. I hope that this happens to give me a sense of completion before looking for a new challenge. I often worry that as I take on too much at once I never really complete or achieve things. Gaining a sense of completion at work is important to me.

My focus on looking after myself has meant that I’ve stuck to using my gym membership for the second half of the year. I’ve also bought a fitbit and this has proved to be a massive motivation for sticking with it all and eating properly. I’ve lost half a stone in the last couple of months and still feel motivated to keep going. I’ve also been converted to the power of marginal gains.

So, all in all its been a good year, no major shocks or surprises but that’s the way I like it.