A week of contemplation

I’ve had another mad busy week and I’m so glad tomorrow is Saturday. I’m debating a lazy parenting day tomorrow that involves taking the kids to a Wacky Warehouse and sitting drinking indulgent amounts of Costa coffee.

A number of things have happened at work or connected to work. Some are quite major, having a big impact on me, my career path and where I go from here. Others have helped and hindered the internal debate I’m having as I contemplate what to do. Sadly I can speak about them here. I had a great day today but it involved signing a confidentiality agreement so you’ll just have to guess what I’ve been doing (it won’t be as exciting as you think – but I had a good day).


This week we also had a visit from one of my oldest and loveliest friends. Sadly she is emigrating to New Zealand next month so the visit was a good bye one. It was the first time we met each others children and the first time we had seen each other in a very long time. We talked about Skype – something that has passed us by – and I wonder if we will now see more of her living in New Zealand than we did living here. We have also decided that any trip to Australia will involve tagging New Zealand on as well (fingers crossed for all those lottery rollovers this weekend). Jo was with me on holiday when I met Steven. Here is a dodgy old photo from then. I can remember being adamant that the person taking it should have ‘Bad Boys’ in the photo???? and I ended up married to ‘Tosser 1’ (what a catch). Please remember this was taken over 12 years ago.

And so I go back to my inner turmoil, contemplation, list making and furiously scribbling notes in my journal. I have a tough few months ahead with some major changes whatever I decide to do. Thankfully I have a coaching session on Wednesday that I pray will shed some light.

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