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Get fit, feel epic: week 3

on September 23, 2012


I’m shamefully late in posting and linking this up. Just been too busy as usual!

My progress on my goals this week –

Lose 8 pounds

I lost a pound this week so feeling a little more convinced about increasing my calorie intake. Overall it has been easier to manage and less demoralising so I’m less likely to completely lose the plot and have a complete blow out food wise.

Attend at least 2 exercise classes a week

Only managed one again this week. On Tuesday I randomly felt unwell and dizzy so decided to stay at home.

Complete three craft projects

Doing well here. I’ve finished the jelly roll quilt and also a scarf for myself.


Not too sure what to make next. Christmas is preoccupying me so I should get started on some projects and presents for that.

Complete the daily ab workout app at least 5 times a week

Managed 3 days this week. Time and tiredness are working against me. On the mornings I’m working things tend to be a mad rush and I forget or run out of time, in the evening I’m too tired. Need to sort this out and be honest with myself – its only 5 minutes!

Track daily, and track honestly
I tracked 4 days on myfitnesspal. I went to my parents for the weekend and although I wasn’t logging at all I was conscious of what I was eating. I’m not saying I was perfect but I think the pound weight loss was a fair one.

The group challenge for the week was to put our goals in a visible memorable place to prompt and remind us through the week. I’ve always loved how Becks put hers up on a window (how do you do that?!) and I keep debating getting a chinograph pencil. Steven will accuse me of losing it though. I’m a fan of the post it note and a list – my office is covered in lists.

This time I’ve stuck one on my computer monitor and another at home in a prominent place in the kitchen. I find work the best place for motivating myself. I have a laminated sheet of things to remember when I’m stressed stuck to my desk. I cannot find the link to share at the moment!

So I’m sorry, a poor effort this week and my next post its not going to show much improvement. Never mind!



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