Another jelly roll quilt

After months of no creativity I decided to make a quilt this summer. Steven’s youngest sister has started university and remembering how cold student houses can get I thought a quilt would be a good present for her.

I chose another pattern from my jelly roll book and took a bit of a cop out by going for the simplest pattern in there. Time was against me so I went for something simple that I knew I would complete without too much stress.

Deciding on a suitable jelly roll took ages – eventually I settled on Moda Tradewinds. It had a great range of colours and I liked the variety of prints – paisleys, floral, Indian elephants and teacups.

I bought a jelly roll and coordinating fabric for the sashing and backing in green and red – Penny’s favourite colours. I panicked from the start that it was a little too bright and busy but eventually I came round to liking it.


Its now finished after 4 weeks – not a bad effort. Its huge. I always underestimate how big the jelly roll quilts are and its fine until I come to quilt them. Getting that much fabric and wadding through my sewing machine proves a challenge.

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