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Happiness online September : pursue a passion

on September 1, 2012

I’ve missed a few months of Happiness Online so jumping straight back in with this months challenge.

The theme is ‘pursue a passion’ and I’ve been thinking about a number of things. The end of the summer is here and September always leaves me a little reflective and planning for the end of the year.

At the start of the year I decided to put my sewing aside and concentrate on work and some studying. Things have calmed down over the summer and I’ve spent the last few weeks making a patchwork quilt for Steven’s sister. I’ve enjoyed the therapy that my sewing machine gives me. I restart my masters next week but I’m keen to try and keep going with craft of some description and feel that my overall workload will more manageable now.


So, my goals for this month are….

Take time to relax and complete some craft projects. I’ve started my Christmas planning so this will also act as a motivator

Have more fun as a family

Get the garden finished

I’m keeping it short and simple. I’ve a couple of other blogging projects on the go (fooooool!) so want to keep it all manageable and more likely to succeed.

Skinny wrist bracelets


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