Soap making


Some time ago I bought a soap making kit. I vaguely remember that I bought it to use when I was on maternity leave but never got round to using it. I randomly found it yesterday and decided to have a go.  At first I worried that I got it for when I was pregnant with Eloise but thankfully found a receipt inside that showed it was from when I had Samuel (hey, only 3 years ago).  I bought the kit from and they do a range of kits for various soap and skincare products.

For a long time I’d worried about having enough moulds. The kit only came with two moulds and I didn’t know what else to use. I read somewhere recently that silicone cake moulds work well and I have plenty of those.


The soap comes as a large block that you have to chop into cubes and then melt on the hob. You can also melt it in the microwave but I went for using the cooker.


It melts down fairly quickly and you have to keep stirring it, not letting it boil.


Once it has all melted down you add a few drops of colouring and essential oil for scent and then pour into the mould. I decided to go for a layered look, adding a bit of red colouring to the first layer. You have to let it set completely before adding another layer. I’m too impatient for that so put them in the fridge to speed up the setting process.


As well as the colouring and scent, the kit comes with a few extra bits to add into the soap to give it texture. I decided to leave the colour out of the second layer but added in some rose petals.



And so the final result….. not perfect but not a bad first attempt. I like the fact that you can make lots of different combinations with colours, scents and added texture to make different kinds of soap. I’m sure there is a world of soap making out there on internet that I haven’t found yet. It was very quick and simple to do. I’m also ashamed to say I started to think about Christmas presents. I am assuming that they keep well so could make some well in advance of Christmas without leaving it to my usual December panic.  Definitely something to try again soon.



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