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The summer starts here

on July 17, 2012

I finished and submitted my final fellowship essay yesterday. It was a huge relief to hand it in and be done with the academic side of it. I have a strange guilt over it – I feel sorry for the poor person that has to spend August reading my riveting 8,000 words.

I now feel I can relax a bit and enjoy the next few weeks. I’d been thrown into a panic every time I saw an Olympic countdown clock as it just reminded me that the essay was due in before then.

Eloise finishes school on Friday and then I have two weeks annual leave. We have lots planned for the summer – no major holidays just lots of things here and there. Next week we’re all off to the caravan for a week, we’re also going to Lincoln for a couple of days and we also have Olympic and Paralympic tickets.  August is going to be very busy but I’m hoping it’ll keep the kids occupied and the sun will eventually shine (highly unlikely I know).

Work continues to be manic but I can see progress happening. I’m also receiving good support from my manager who is reassuring me over the things that I am doing and also helping me to prioritise. I have a few fairly major projects ongoing  and all feel important and urgent and it’s been difficult to decide what needs my attention first.  Getting my essay finished early has helped – I still have a study day booked for this week so will be trying to catch up on everything and get through the pile of work.

My plans to increase my resilience feel like they are working. I wrote a section in my essay about how I felt I had benefited from but it is impossible to quantify or prove. It’s working for me. I remain under pressure but feel I am coping well. The fellowship has meant that I have spent 9 months with a huge workload – both from the programme itself and from changes with my job.  I’ve emerged the other side feeling more confident and able to handle an uncertain and ever-changing workplace.

I’m still going to the gym twice a week. Sadly I do not (yet) have the body of Jessica Ennis but I have lost 7lb and I’m feeling focused and positive about losing weight. I would love to keep this momentum going over the holidays and eventually get my weight back down to where it was 2 years ago.


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