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Happiness Project: May

on May 7, 2012

This months theme is ‘get serious about play.’ It is looking at everything that isn’t work – whether that is paid work or housework.

Its a tough one for me at the moment. I know that I have lots on my plate and I’d already decided to put my sewing on a back burner for the year. April was a difficult month and I’ve struggled with stress and managing a good home work balance. This weekend we had a sudden unexpected trip away as a family and it helped enormously to have a think and try and change the priorities.

So my plans for the month are….

Get out of the house

Too often at the weekend we stay at home and do very little. Money is an issue half of the time. I changed my car last week for something more economical. Diesel prices have been so bad recently that I’ve cut down on the amount that I use the car. I’m hoping the new car will help this. I also need to think a bit more locally. Today I discovered by chance that our local steam railway had a special offer with free admission for the children. Off we went. We had a great time despite the pouring rain. We need to have more simple days like this.

Work hard, relax hard

Linked to the above, I know I need to spend more time relaxing and catching up with myself. I realised that this week is going to be busy so I decided to go away to the caravan for the weekend. Its also my birthday so intend having a relaxing time and forgetting about work.  I also find it helpful that the caravan has no wireless and barely a decent phone signal. Sometimes cutting yourself off is a good thing.

Get the work/life right

I need to remember my priorities and get a good balance between everything. When I’m busy at work its difficult to leave things behind and fully concentrate on the things that need my attention at home.  Its a challenge for me as my home and work lives feel very different and I cannot physically separate the two. I’m also more comfortable as ‘Karen the nurse’. The playground is not a particularly comfortable place for me and I don’t really feel like I fit in there. I don’t own a pair of ugg boots for a start. I know that this requires effort on my part but this is where I struggle with the time factor. Eloise has a special jubilee day coming up at school and they’ve asked for volunteers. I’ve put my name down.

Come to terms with myself

This one is a steal from here. I often feel caught in the constant whirlwind that is my life and flitting between work and home.  I recently had to complete a questionnaire before starting coaching and the questions really challenged me as it involved me stopping and thinking about what I want and feel about things in my life. It was a real struggle as I rarely stop long enough to consider these properly.



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