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Happiness Online: April roundup

on May 7, 2012

Shamefully late with my end of the month post :/ I’ve been battling with an essay and submitted it this afternoon so trying this evening to catch up with the rest of my life!

The theme for April was ‘lighten up’ and my resolutions were –

And being totally honest I failed quite miserably. April was not a good month and I felt far too busy to have a chance to stop and lighten up. Music is playing a bigger part. I try and remember to put music on when I’m in the kitchen and I’ve asked for itunes vouchers for my birthday so I can get some new albums on my ipod. I even put MTV classic on this afternoon whilst we were cleaning the house. I’m slightly disturbed that MTV classic is now my genre of music.

I went to Hobbycraft and got some yarn to start knitting. The first week of the month was met with keen knitting but as the essay deadline approached my evenings have been filled with work. I have a slight breather now so will get back to finishing off the jumper that I started.

I haven’t even looked at my Day Zero list!

So, the moral of next month is try harder or at least not to get so bogged down with work.


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