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Stopping and thinking

on April 21, 2012

I’ve had a difficult week. I’m under a lot of pressure at work with far too much to do. Things at home haven’t been good and came to a head on Tuesday. Its left me thinking about lots of things, perhaps too much. I spent most of the week not sure what to do. I felt stuck in a bit of a hole without seeing a way out of it all. I’m now calmer, feeling more focused and level headed and planning to work through my worries in my own time. There’s no rush to make any decisions so will not add pressure to myself even further.

So, some positives for the week –

We are a nappy free household

Samuel has suddenly become dry overnight so I’ve ditched all nappies – yay! I’m really surprised as Eloise was still in nappies overnight until she was 4 and a half so for Samuel to be confidently sorted day and night before two and a half I think is a big achievement. It’s rare for him to have an accident so I’ve also thrown out my faithful nappy changing bag. For a boots freebie, its lasted the 5+ years well. I wasn’t sad to see it go though.

I am a little bit sad though that there will not be anymore days of lovely cloth nappies hanging on my washing line

Competition winnings

I am slightly addicted to entering competitions. I can waste many an hour on loquax looking for competitions to enter. In the past I’ve had a few successful runs and recently have had another. It started with a DVD, nothing major but still a DVD I want to watch and will happily be passed to my mum and sister so a bonus. Next came a stash of make-up from Tescos after I retweeted a message. I’m plucking up the courage to paint my nails the interesting shade of blue they’ve sent me. I think I will try it this afternoon. I’d wondered if good luck comes in threes and yes it did! I had an email to say that after completing a questionnaire online for work, I had won an ipad 😀 I’m still waiting for it to arrive so currently spending time mentally kitting it out and making lists of apps that will completely revolutionise my life.

Eloise has unfortunately been introduced to my Mum’s ipad so I can see future fights to get near it!

Successes at Work

Things have been moving since our meeting with the chief executive last week .  No concrete developments or changes but questions are being asked and people who have previously been difficult to talk to are suddenly asking for more information. Staffing remains my highest priority and whilst there has been no mention of this, I remain confident that something will be done.  We are taking part in the trusts annual nursing conference in three weeks time (the source of most of my workload at present). I’m giving an hour long presentation and I am hoping this will be an excellent opportunity to promote my fellowship project to a wide audience and get more people supporting the changes I want to make. The conference also incorporates the trusts annual awards and I heard yesterday that my team has been nominated for the Innovative Practice Award for the work we did on Productive Community Services. My team has been so positive and willing to try and make changes that  I think I had taken for granted the amount of work that we had done. My work looking at and comparing our staffing and activity levels showed me that we are working far more effectively than in the past – our low staffing forced us to do this and as a result we are now working really well.  On Wednesday I went to speak to another team who had not made any changes in the light of low staffing levels. As a result their work is quite sporadic and my questioning or requests for action from them met a very defensive reaction.  The challenge of meeting patient needs under pressure was simply met with ‘we won’t do it’ rather than ‘is there a better or easier way of doing this?‘ which is the attitude my team takes. The teams who are shunning adaptation are key partners in my fellowship project. I realise this will make my project harder but at the moment I am very grateful for the rich material they are providing me for my current assignment.


The week ended with two days of fellowship which ended on a really good session on emotional intelligence. I found a book in the library this morning which is packed with self assessment tests (nice lists with boxes to tick 🙂 ) so that will keep me occupied this weekend. It will give me something to work on in coaching.

We also did some work around Belbin’s team roles. I was completely not shocked to learn that I am a completer-finisher


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