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Things that I am fed up of

on April 17, 2012
  • Too much work to do
  • My inability to say no and stopping myself taking on to much
  • Having someone’s aggression taken out on me
  • A son who won’t go to bed
  • A son who trashes his room
  • Two children who do not care about their things and leave them broken everywhere
  • Repeatedly telling children to look after things
  • Threatening to put children’s possessions in the bin
  • Not being allowed to respond to unfair comments without being accused of being aggressive myself
  • Being tired
  • Feeling like I could cry too easily
  • Not having a break
  • Lack of family support nearby
  • The fact that my mother in law doesn’t get me
  • Feeling like whatever I do, I cannot make everyone happy and this is all my fault
  • Preferring to be at work than at home
  • Wanting to run away but realistically have no where or no one to go to
  • Trying to lose weight but end up emotionally eating rubbish
  • Having no money
  • Feeling not good enough
  • Sky Sports
  • Being stuck on a treadmill
  • The terrible twos
  • That stupid whistling noise that Steven has started making
  • My brain talking to loudly
  • Doing 14 things at the same time
  • Being treated like a doormat and then being treated like the most unreasonable person on earth when I eventually stand up for myself
  • Being a misery



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