Happiness Online – April

Another month and another set of resolutions. This months theme is ‘lighten up’. It aims to make you focus on the small pleasures that make life happier.

So my resolutions are –

Listen to music

I know that this features in the Happiness Project book but I’m not certain it was for this month. Anyway, I’m stealing it. It was pointed out that it is difficult to be in a bad mood when singing to the radio and its true. Mornings are busy and manic in our house and if I’m going to lose my temper its usually first thing (which then leaves the whole day on a bit of a downer). So music will be on and I will be singing.

Do More Knitting

At the start of the year I decided to put anything crafty/creative away and focus on work. I knew this was a short term thing whilst I was doing the fellowship and that I will get the chance to do some more projects another time. I just feel I can’t commit to anything and I get frustrated by the piles of unfinished projects stashed all over the house. I do get a huge amount of calm and relaxation from sewing and knitting and it is frustrating me. Knitting is easy enough to do in the evenings though and I have a long trip to the caravan planned for Easter so that is also prime knitting time. My plan is to waste less time on facebook games and spend more time knitting.

Complete 3 Things on my Day Zero Project list

Its a bit scary realising that I have less than a year left for my Day Zero Project. I still haven’t decided on everything to go on the list. In the past I’ve really enjoyed working through. Yes, I’m a sad list obsessive who gets immense satisfaction from ticking something off the list.  Its been a bit neglected over the last few months so I will get back onto that.

At the moment I’m struggling to think of two more. Perhaps a sign I need to have more fun. I will sleep on it and come back to this page later in the week.


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