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Sentimental or appreciative?

on February 19, 2012

Following on from my post about morals and clearing a dead person’s possessions, we started helping with the house clearance yesterday.  We’ve been told that we can do a car boot sale with the previously mentioned family member who is car boot obsessed. Whilst I like going to the odd car boot sale, I’m not a massive fan and have never felt the draw of selling my own things there.


A group of us were in the house, looking through things deciding what needed to be thrown out and what could be re-used. The champion car booter arrived and announced that its easier to just sell everything at 50p. She said you may lose money on some things but you’re still making 50p so what does it matter. If all you want to do is get rid of stuff then sell it cheap and go. This totally horrified me. The sentimental part of me was upset that the contents of two people’s lives was being reduced to a 50p price tag on a cold Sunday morning. Her speed to brand everything as sellable and boasting about how easily she would sell it was also a bit distasteful.

There were a number of things in the house which I know are worth money. I’m not talking huge amounts but certainly more than the slapdash 50p that was being applied to everything. One thing in particular was a Poole Pottery vase. I liked it and knew that it did not deserve to be car booted by someone who did not know what it was or appreciated it for the value that it held.

Sentimentality seems to be a bad thing these days. I know I’m a bit of a hoarder but I don’t keep things for the sake of keeping them. I know that the house has to be cleared but I feel someone is focusing purely on making a quick bit of cash rather than respecting and thinking about the memories that two people created over 60 years together. My hesitancy to ‘get rid quick’ was interpreted as being over sentimental and missing a precious opportunity to make a bit of cash.

I asked if I could keep the vase for myself. It matches the colours of our bedroom and I like it. I don’t know how much it is worth, I don’t care. I know that it is more than the quick sell 50p she is adamant everything will be sold for. The vase will be on display and I will remember the people that owned it before me.

We’ve decided that we will not be taking part in the grand car boot sale. I’m not reducing the memories of two people to a scramble over a few pounds for some old Christmas decorations. I will just appreciate the small things that we have and remember.



One response to “Sentimental or appreciative?

  1. Emma says:

    This is a great post and has made me think. I am very sentimental but I am also very practical and I could see myself applying the ’50p’ approach to something I had no emotional investment in. I hate bringing items back from a boot sale / NCT sale so I price low. If I was selling items belonging to someone I cared for though, I would feel terrible about costing them at 50p 🙂

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