Happiness online – January round up



So its the end of January and the end of the first month of the happiness project.

My resolutions were –

Take my supplements each day – I often take supplements but sporadically. I think I never really take them for long enough to appreciate if they are doing the trick. I also take supplements when I’m feeling run down as a desperate sort of ‘I’ll try anything’ approach to make myself feel better. My current batch is gingseng, coenzyme Q10 and evening primrose oil.

Journal twice a week – this has been identified as something I need to do as part of my fellowship. I know it helps but struggle to get into it or make the effort to sit down and do it. I hoped that this resolution would help create that habit.

Sort the paperwork/shredding mountain in the kitchen (15 mins a day in the Flylady style) – my kitchen (well, most of my house) is a clutter magnet that depresses the life out of me.

Eat more healthily – I’m overweight again. I’m doing nothing to sort it. I need to.

Go to bed early one night a week – December was a bad month for sleep as Samuel was up too often having tantrums in the early hours. Steven works nights so its usually me sorting it out on my own. I then work all day and I constantly feel exhausted. I know that this problem is not going to be sorted overnight so a short term help would be for me to have one early night a week to try and increase the amount of sleep that I get.

What has worked well? How has it made you feel? 

Overall, I’m feeling really positive and that I have achieved what I wanted.  This month has been busy and difficult at times for all sorts of reasons. Although I’ve felt tired I haven’t been at the end of my tether stressed. I feel like I am coping better. I’m viewing the whole month overall as a success.

My biggest source of happiness was the removal of shredding mountain –

It has improved further since the second photo (I do not have the energy to go and take another photo at this precise moment). I think it is a feng shui thought that clutter can zap energy. Just sorting this corner has helped hugely. It wasn’t that difficult to do tackling it bit by bit and it has inspired me to move onto other problem areas.

I’m journalling more as well. I find it easier to just randomly jot down things through the day rather than have a concentrated official ‘I am journalling’ time. I like lists so can easily write a list about a problem eg. ‘why is this upsetting me?’ or ‘what can I do now to improve this?’ I’m keeping it simple so its not big or scary or hard.

Is there anything you’ve learned or would do differently?

Going to bed early does help but it needs me to be more proactive about doing it. I easily waste too many hours in the evening sitting online. I need to stick with this far more and make more of an effort.

The general resolution of ‘eat more healthily’ really amounted to nothing. We’re going on holiday soon and neither of us could be bothered to make the effort knowing that any loss now will be piled on once we go away. I found a photo of me at work on my 30th birthday – I was probably at my lowest weight then. I found it inspiring and I know I need to get back on track with my weight. Steven and I have agreed that once we’re home we are back to weekly weigh ins and point counting. General statements are not that helpful – I need to make it measurable and be accountable to make it work.

How do you feel this month has gone generally? Highs and lows of January outside of Happiness Online. 

Its been quite stressful. Lots of things are happening at work – not good things. The number of demands on my time are going up and I feel I have to split myself between my team, my clinical workload and my academic work. Somewhere in all of this I have to do a service improvement project and four 4,000 word essays. The first essay is due in March. I have no days available at work to do this between now and the hand in date. I’m dreading the next few months and am at a point where I may have to put Samuel into nursery on my days off to try and get some work done. Not a happy decision but really can’t work this one out at the moment.




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