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Plodding along (not sure if its nicely though)

on January 22, 2012

Had a strange week really.

Someone I work with was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. We are a very small team so we’ve all been upset about it. She is not that much older than me and we have daughters the same age. It’s one of those things that is very close to home and a little scary to contemplate. I am in awe of her strength and attitude in facing this. After the initial shock on Thursday, the atmosphere in the office has turned back to our usual dark and bizarre sense of humour. Definitely a moment of laughing so that we don’t cry.

In terms of work this has thrown up some issues for me. I’m scared my team will implode under the stress of a lack of staff whilst she is on sick leave. Its happened in the past and I am adamant it will not happen again. A major contributing factor is out of my hand though. There is another ongoing issue relating to long term sickness and human resources. It means that I am paying for a member of staff who is not currently at work and I cannot replace them. Months of attempting to get it resolved have amounted to nothing. On Friday I debated sending an email to someone in HR but didn’t as my frame of mind was likely to get me into trouble.  I am deeply concerned that another person on long term sick leave will mean we cannot function. We have run at capacity with no give for a year. Any sickness has a serious impact on the service we provide. I’m scared that we have now reached a tipping point and the fact that bureaucracy is at the heart of it makes me want to scream.

Steven’s grandad is very ill and we’re just waiting for a phone call. Things have been bad since yesterday and we’re feeling in limbo.  His grandad had made his wishes clear a couple of weeks ago and as a family we’re all at peace with the whole situation. I still worried about what the next few weeks will hold.

I’m still exhausted. Have got the sleepbot app to see how much sleep I actually get and whether the lack of sleep is all in my head. The theme of this months happiness project is vitality. I confess I’m not feeling more energetic but my tiredness is not stressing me so I’m taking that as an improvement.


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