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Quick Reflections

on January 10, 2012

I went to the library this week and got my favourite book out


I’ve taken it out so many times in the last year I keep debating if I should just buy it. The reason I like is it that it helps you to see that reflection can be a simple process. It gives quick helpful pointers and ideas for activities that all help with the reflective process. I spent 4 years at university feeling like I was being forced to sit and reflect to a set cycle that I didn’t find helpful. It just became a tedious chore that I didn’t actually understand the point of.

Anyway, it suggests quick lists that you can return to at a later date. I love my lists so this has probably swayed my opinion on this book. Here are a few quick positive things from the week so far –

My phone docking station arrived this morning.  We have gone from charger hell –


to charger heaven

My only gripe is that it doesn’t have an adaptor for my camera but that’s the only downside. I can live with that.

At work we had our first group clinical supervision. Initially we all felt the pressure of sitting there with expectation that we will all have something to discuss. Interestingly the conversation turned to a member of staff who felt she would have nothing to discuss as she feels she doesn’t contribute clinically. It was a good opportunity to try out some coaching skills and I’m pleased with the outcome (I hope the other person is as well!) Its left me with a positive feeling for our future sessions.

Things are still not good with Steven’s grandparents and the situation came to a head on Saturday. I had to ring his mum and have a really difficult conversation with her about my professional and personal concerns about her dad’s health and prognosis. In October and November we had really struggled as any attempt to discuss either of her parents was ignored as she was in denial. Surprisingly the conversation at the weekend went well. She is now fully aware of his health and accepting of the direction in which things are heading. I’ve had to gently tell her of the difficult but necessary things that need to be done as soon as possible regarding decisions around his care. The big positive in this situation is that as a family we are all of the same opinion, we’re all helping each other with the difficult things that are going on and my mother in law is taking control and being the grown up in the middle of it rather than leaving us to cope as she had tended to do in the past.

I got shouted at yesterday morning in a particularly horrible way. Most upsettingly it was by another healthcare professional (wonder if I should use inverted commas on the word professional in this context). I won’t go into detail but essentially she had created a bad situation and when it all went wrong it was my teams fault. It wasn’t, it was hers. She wasn’t happy when I attempted to explain my perspective and she resorted to just shouting at me that my service was unacceptable. It was upsetting but I put my point back where possible. I didn’t let it upset me for the rest of the day. I usually let things fester but I didn’t. When I put the phone down to her I decided to send an email to her to clarify my side of the conversation and explain the things that she wouldn’t give me the opportunity to do.  Perhaps this was the reason that it didn’t fester. I got my feelings and opinion out and  at the same time created a record of the event that can be used if the incident is raised again in the future.

I needed the strength of the Dalai Lama straight after that call!



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