I’ve reached the summit of paper mountain

One of my targets for the year is to sort out the corner of shame in my kitchen.  Its been bad for years and a collection of several problems.

This is my starting point

Its a dumping ground for everything. My recipe books are under there as well. I see shredding and paperwork as the main issue. I hate it. It gets dumped in a bag until I set aside time to blitz and clear it. I’m hoping my making it a long term project I can sort the ongoing issues. Its also not just a simple job of clearing it and all sorted. My box file is a state, so no room to file. Resolving this area means I have to move onto another. One relatively small job triggers of lots of others.

So, this is it. All of those jobs will be tackled as they come along. For the last few days I’ve set my timer and just done 15 minutes each day of sorting, shredding and putting away. This is the same space tonight –

Not bad! I’ve been good and done the other jobs as I’ve gone along. No carrier bags full of stuff to shred – I’ve done it as I’ve found it. There is still some filing hiding in there. Next task is to redo the box file. I keep too much in there and am debating starting a box of paperwork that we don’t need frequent access to like payslips. I’m also wondering about having a box dedicated to HMRC after 2 years of tax credit issues!

I’m also fed up of all the chargers –

We have bundles of chargers stashed here and also behind our tv. I also think we have 3 or 4 nokia phone chargers even though neither of us has a nokia phone anymore.  The ipod dock works well. If my ipod isn’t in my car or handbag then it always lives there. This has made me wonder if it is worth getting a charging station that would get rid of all the chargers hanging around the house.  I will open negotiations  with Steven tonight…..

So the worst of the shredding and paperwork is out of the way. Next step is to sort out the whole filing system. Ultimately it would help to change as many things to paper-free as possible.  Once its cleared and sorted I’d like the area to be something along these lines –

Overall, I’m happy. 15 minutes a day seems like nothing and already I’m making good progress. It’s motivating me to keep going with it and move onto the other scary areas that I have avoided for years.



2 thoughts on “I’ve reached the summit of paper mountain”

  1. Amazing difference and love the 15 minute idea. My Mum used to make me time chores I hated to prove how little time they really take. Today I waded through my own personal mountain of paperwork. It feels good!


  2. I am so impressed with how much you were able to clear out!!

    The 15 minute idea is GREAT – it gets you doing at least a little something each day. I’ll have to try that. I am absolutely drowning in papers — as a teacher and a PhD student (surrounded by 4 years of data) … I desperately want to get rid of them all.


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