Deceptive photo

Deceptive photo

I took this photo this morning and it really doesn’t sum up the day (and night) I’ve had.

The mood in our house has not been good.

Hoping the behaviour improves next year. I can feel a trip to the library for a Gina Ford moment coming on….

Deceptive photo

I took this photo this morning and it really doesn’t sum up the day (and night) I’ve had.

The mood in our house has not been good.

Hoping the behaviour improves next year. I can feel a trip to the library for a Gina Ford moment coming on….

2012 Resolutions

Time to jump on the resolutions band wagon again and have a go at sorting myself out. I was cheered up by looking at 2011’s goals.  I think I did alright!

So here we go…..

  • Keep a journal – write twice a week
  • Blog once a week
  • Learn to meditate
  • Complete 25 things on Day Zero list
  • Do the 40 bags in 40 days challenge
  • Cook one new recipe a month and blog it
  • Make the kitchen ‘corner of shame’ the years project

I’ve also decided to follow a few blog challenges. Each will help tackle the goals and keep up the blogging and reflection. I’ve chosen monthly proejcts hoping that I won’t become too overwhelmed. I signed up to Flylady again a few weeks ago and became disheartened and bored by day 9. I need something that is more flexible, relevant to me and something I want to do.

Decluttering and organisation features heavily. Steven is on at me to move house. I really don’t want to due to financial reasons. He is adamant our house is too small. I feel we just have too much rubbish. He is very cynical so I need to declutter and sort as much as possible to give us some breathing space in the house.

I’m also not putting any craft related goals in. They tend to be the ones that get forgotten or drop off the bottom and I end up disappointed. There are a couple of quilts that need to be made in 2012 so I will just focus on those. Anything extra I get in will be a bonus. Work is taking most of my attention at the moment (this is my choice) and rather than cram too much in, I’m putting sewing on the back burner and that can be given a higher priority in the future when I’ve less on my plate academically and professionally.

So I’m going to follow –


IHeart Organizing

Happy New Year x

2011 Resolutions Update

I’ve found last years list so have decided to have a review / tick / culling session –
  • Do more on folksy – add 3 new items a month 
Miserable fail on this one. Have not added anything in the last year. I’ve decided to mothball this idea for the foreseeable future (that’s not a never though!)
  • Go to EuroDisney (and arrive this time!)
Yes! Managed this one in May
  • Keep a journal
I’ve been sporadic throughout the year. When things get bad I go back to my journal to just get all of the thoughts out of my head. Journalling has been discussed as part of my fellowship and I know I need to journal and reflect on a serious basis. I struggle to do it regularly and I feel I also write things down without asking ‘why’ and getting to the heart of things. I’m making this subject a priority for January.
  • Blog at least once a week
Initially I thought I hadn’t achieved this but again its been sporadic but nearly 50 posts over the year so not tragically off the mark. I’m looking at online blogging projects to help keep my momentum up and keep me going next year. I also hope that the journalling habit unleashes amazing creativity in me but being realistic it won’t!
  • Make a list of UFOs (unfinished objects of a creative variety) and finish them
Another craft-related fail. I’ve done very little sewing this year. I gave up going to Stitch and Bitch as I was struggling with going every week due to tiredness. I’ve joined the WI as a compromise as a monthly evening out that keeps my hand in with creativity.
  • Learn to meditate
Not managed this. Still want to though and will keep looking for a course. Will go and google the Buddhist Centre now……
  • Decorate our bedroom
Yes! Still needs the finishing touches – Christmas presents helped here 🙂 Needs some shelves and sorting but the difficult bit is done
  • Think less (I know this sounds woolly – I know what this means to me!)
Yes! Promise I have done this. Wobbled lots around November but now know not to listen to middle grade registrars who aren’t qualified to have serious conversations about me that scare the hell out of us all.
  • Spend less time on the internet – have 2 internet free evenings a week in January
  • Finish thinking of 101 things for my dayZero list
Still not there. I think I’m on 80-something. Will keep going. January is always a productive 101 month for me.
  • Complete 25 things on the DayZero list
I did well this year. 16 completed and more in progress. I’m enjoying this project. Feel the countdown is looming already though.
  • Send 365 postcards (random – why did I think of this?!)

Why, why why? Gone, dead, forgotten. Never will be seen again.

So where will 2012 take me? Will definitely be thinking about this over the next few days and do a post.

Start of the Happiness Project


Time for another attempt at a blogging project. Weekly posts were becoming a struggle again so I’ve jumped into a monthly challenge.  I’m taking part in Weight Wars Happiness Online which is based on the book ‘The Happiness Project‘. I have read the book and confess it didn’t do a huge amount for me so I’m hoping that doing it myself will make it feel more practical!

Firstly, I have to think of commandments that are the guiding principles for the project and life (this all felt a bit daunting!) So, I’ve had a look online and pinched some inspiration from others but here are my commandments

  • Let it go
  • Accept the chaos
  • Do one thing at a time
  • Clutter breeds clutter
  • Be the change
  • Baby steps
  • Action, not reaction
  • Deeds, not words
  • Strive for excellence not perfection

Next, are the rules of adulthood. These are simple things that you’ve learnt in life (but the ones that I usually forget).

  •  It’s okay to ask for help
  • Eat better, eat less, exercise more
  • By doing a little bit each day you can get a lot accomplished
  • People don’t notice your mistakes and flaws as much as you think
  • Stop, think. It’s probably not that bad
  • Saying no doesn’t mean I am a bad person
And so, using these thoughts above I have to make five resolutions for January all linked to ‘vitality’. Each resolution has to help give me more energy (feel tired just typing that).  I’ve been thinking of things to do over the next year and as usual thinking of huge projects that realistically I will not achieve due to a lack of time and energy. So with commandments in mind and looking for little things I am starting with…..
  • Take my supplements each day
  • Journal twice a week
  • Sort the paperwork/shredding mountain in the kitchen (15 mins a day in the Flylady style)
  • Eat more healthily
  • Go to bed early one night a week
I’m pleased January is starting off with vitality. Life has been mad for the last five months for various reasons – both at home and at work. I’ve been putting off lots of things due to busyness and constantly saying things will be better when it all calms down. There isn’t really any end in sight to the mania so I am starting January by accepting that the chaos is here to stay and I just have to get on with it.  I have to make the effort to go out and do the things I want to do.