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Clinical Leadership Fellowship Day 1

on November 14, 2011

So here I am. First day of the fellowship. No sign of Frodo (sorry to disappoint Steven).

So far all good. Once I knew Steven had woken up and collected the kids from nursery and school (thats another story) I could relax and enjoy.

Being honest I was petrified before I got here. I was worried that this was way out of my league and that I was here under false pretences. It helped that the start of the day involved sharing our hopes and fears and the feelings that I was having were very similiar to everyone elses.  Everyone here is also mad like me – doing far too much with a young family. It was refreshing to sit and talk with people who admitted that being a stay at home mum was a horrible thought  – I am not abnormal. I am with like minded people.

We have been asked to keep a journal for the duration of this programme. We have been given a book and I was given this one

I have taken this to be a positive sign that I am in the right place.  I commented that I only write or blog when things aren’t good. I need to be positive and keep a record of the good times. Often I struggle and maybe it would be helpful to have a positive thing to go back to when I’m needing encouragement.

This afternoon we had to draw a timeline of our lives and the things that have influenced us and lead us to the position we are in today.  A simple but really effective exercise. We also talked about coaching and the help that it can give in making future plans clearer. All in all, very helpful.

So, a really good day. I’m feeling positive. I am worthy of my place here. 60 places out of 1100 people – I didn’t get here by accident. I am going to work very hard at this and make the most of this opportunity.

My room is great – excellent wireless and a tv with a red button that works (high priority but sadly lacking in many hotels). Food so far has been very good and the wine this evening was excellent (apologies if this makes no sense).  Will write more of substance tomorrow but really need to sleep now!









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