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Struggling to be a yummy mummy

on September 24, 2011

I’m now two weeks into my reduced hours. Life still feels just as hectic with Eloise being on half days at school and my days off have felt busier than a normal work day. As usual I’m hoping that life will calm down soon and things will settle into a better routine (but I accept this is unlikely to happen).

So for the first time I am having regular contact with other parents with dropping off and picking up at school and taking Eloise to her ballet lessons. I thought I would enjoy this company and to be honest I’ve been shocked by how foreign it all feels.

It seems to be one big competition. Was motherhood always meant to be competitive? I knew this kind of thing happened around pregnancy and the early months but I thought the novelty would have worn off by now. I’ve sat and listened to conversations where mothers try and out do each other through their children – I wonder if the teachers are aware the power that a sticker given out at school holds on the walk home?!

One conversation complained that a teacher had found a child to be rude.  How dare a teacher say that about their perfect child? I sit there very quietly and mentally saying ‘get a grip’.  Some seem to have massive concerns over their child’s behaviour and attitude at school without considering that it has been their responsibility for the last 4 or more years so why had you not tackled it before now?

The whole thing feels very insular and self contained without thinking that there are more important things out there to worry about. I do consider how Eloise is getting on at school and worry about it. She is happy though – that is my ultimate priority. I’m not going work myself into a frenzy if she doesn’t come home with a sticker or brings a book that seems a little on the babyish side. I know she is bright, confident and well behaved. I don’t need the reassurances of others to tell me that.

I had plans to go to lots of toddler groups with Samuel. Those are on hold for the time being unless I find some normal people to talk to in the meantime!


2 responses to “Struggling to be a yummy mummy

  1. Becks says:

    Lord, me and you both! I’m lucky the parents that will speak to me are really nice but I always feel out of place!

  2. There are those, but as someone who went to lots of baby groups, toddler groups, sports, ballet, gymnastics… there is always a little hardcore bunch that is just like us. You only need one to talk to…

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