The interview verdict

On Wednesday I finally heard about my clinical leadership fellowship interview.

I’d felt very mixed after the interview itself. At times my comments were met with very excited nodding like I had said something very crucial and at others I felt grilled and repeatedly questioned like I was struggling to get my point across. One of the questions pointed out that my service ‘is being hammered’ at the moment. I then worried afterwards that I hadn’t defended myself and my service enough to demonstrate passion. Basically I’ve spent nearly 2 weeks over analysing everything that I did or didn’t say.

So, I was very shocked to get an email this week saying that I have been accepted onto the programme and it starts in November *gulp*

Initially it looked all positive and I was excited. A closer read of everything shows it means being away from home quite a bit with lots of trips to London and Manchester. Purely from a practical childcare perspective I am scared. I’m really not sure how on earth we’re going to work it out. Steven is adamant we can and will sort it and has offered to take time off work so I can go away. (A little secret part of me is excited about 4 days away in Manchester).

So, time to hold me nerve and hope that if its meant to be everything will sort itself out. As for the amount of work I now have to do…….

Why did applying for this seem a good idea?


3 thoughts on “The interview verdict”

  1. Brilliant! If you get spare time while in Manchester I’ll come and see you. It’s only 30 mins away on the train xxx


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