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Argh! I’ve got an interview

on August 23, 2011

After my nice cheap tyre repair yesterday, the positivity is continuing.

I had an email this afternoon inviting me for an interview for the Clinical Leadership Fellowship. I was surprised.

I was really happy with my application form but had to do a numeric reasoning exercise which didn’t go very well. I spoke to my manager last week and she hadn’t been approached for a reference so I decided that I hadn’t been successful and we even had a conversation about trying again next year.

The interview is in 2 weeks time. I have to give a presentation giving my personal narrative on my project proposal. My idea is to improve the assessment and treatment of incontinence so ensure everyone that is seen within our county has an equal standard of care and treatment options rather than just being offered pads. I have to now put all of this together into a professional looking plan and idea. And then link it into a QIPP stream.

Also debating whether I need to take my portfolio with me. Not sure if I even know where it is. I confess my portfolio only makes an appearance and looks up to date when I’m looking for a job. I haven’t been job hunting for nearly 7 years so I have no idea where it is.

I can see many hours sitting in the library between now and the 8th


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