Spring Fever Challenge: Week 3

Life's Journey with a Smile

A little late with my post this week but I’m not going to beat myself up over it!

My Goals

  1. Run at least twice a week
  2. Lose a stone
  3. Stop eating chocolate in the car
  4. Leave work at work
  5. Look at the positives at work rather than the negatives
Overall, I’ve had a good week. I’m feeling positive, not so stressed and feeling like I’m achieving what  I want. I’m also counting down the days until the end of the week  when I’m off work for 11 days (bring it on!) The sun is shining and that always helps my mood!
  • What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
On Wednesday I joined Slimming World. At the moment I’m not 100% convinced on the diet as such but I need the focus. I’ve definitely sorted out what I’m eating and ditched the bad habits I’d slipped into. I just hope the weigh in tomorrow reflects what I’ve done this week.
Work has also been better. I had to have a difficult conversation with a colleague which I’d been putting off. I asked and received advice beforehand which was very helpful and made me feel much more positive going into it. The conversation went well, I survived and the person concerned left happy and not hating me so I think it went well! I was also given advice on managing the situation long term which I’m following and again, its given me a more positive feeling about the situation.
And I managed to get my two runs in!
  • What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?
I’ve planned a week of work away from the office. I feel I’ve got my head around a few work related things that have given me confidence and a more positive outlook.
  • Are your SFC goals your ultimate goals or steps to your ultimate goals?  Do you find it easier to set big goals or do you like making mini-goals?
Mini-goals are far better. Nothing more satisfying than ticking off a completed task so lots on mini ones are better for keeping up momentum.  I get overwhelmed easily by big challenges so like to break it down into more manageable chunks.  My goals on here are just a few small things to get me kick started again.
  • What are some of your ultimate goals, things on your bucket list?
I haven’t really thought about it. I struggle to think beyond the next few years so haven’t got anything notable. I’m working on the Day Zero Project (101 things in 1001 days) and that’s enough for me at the moment! Its a work in progress as well.
  • Fun Question: If you could achieve only one more thing in your life, what would it be?
Blimey! What a question. No idea – I keep telling you I’m rubbish at questions like these.
My positive picture of the week comes from HolwayCreations on folksy.  It’s a bridal bouquet (shameless link to Royal Wedding not intended) made entirely of buttons. I love it!

4 thoughts on “Spring Fever Challenge: Week 3”

  1. I used to read a lot of Maeve Binchy, and I too have always wondered about “a stone.”

    Love the button flowers!

    As for deep questions, I am awful at the too. Skipping that part of the challenge. I think enough for work (I’m a teacher), blogging often finds me too sleepy to be deep.


  2. I too love Maeve Binchy. I actually have her book on writing that she edited. Very good. I probably could afford to lose a stone also. I like that term.


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