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Positivity after the gloom

on March 29, 2011
  • I passed both of my essays – a distinction in one of them. It shows  I am capable of doing a masters and the blip during my last module was a one-off and down to bad timing.
  • Samuel is better after a few days of diarrhoea and the worst looking nappy rash I’ve seen in a long time. He’d been cheerful throughout it but had to keep him off nursery.
  • Steven was a star at staying up and looking after Samuel when I had to work.  We managed it well between us with Steven sacrificing quite a bit of sleep to help me out.
  • I’m getting my hair highlighted tomorrow. Debating going a bit mad but will probably wimp out at the last minute. As long as it makes my grey less obvious I don’t care what colour they make it.
  • The weather is great at the moment. Life is more manageable when the sun is shining. I’ve made it through another winter without needing to buy the SAD lamp I debate every year.
  • I’m feeling better about running. Things have not gone to plan this week and I haven’t been able to get out when I wanted but I’m not letting this worry me or have a negative effect. 16 weeks until my run so I still have few weeks to get into my routine.
  • Just over three weeks until my annual leave starts (resisting starting the sleeps countdown just yet)


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