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Loneliness of management

on March 29, 2011

I’ve recently been promoted at work and I’m really struggling with it.  My manager has been off on long term sickness for several months and I’ve been appointed interim manager until she returns.  Without a manager for 6 months things had slipped. I’ve walked into a mess and coupled with the major cost improvement programme that is gripping the NHS, it’s a very scary mess.

I feel stuck in the middle – being told to make horrendous cuts to provision in order to improve the long term security of our service and being the person that communicates this far from ideal situation to both staff and the public. Continence has already hit the news this week – whilst things are not as bad for our service, I would not be surprised if such a situation arose in the next 12 months.   Whilst our current measures appear harsh, in reality they are the lesser of two evils to prevent a far worse and widespread reduction in service.

I’m struggling with the perception that I personally dreamt up these measures. I’ve been shocked by the reactions of other colleagues (one group of staff in particular). Our service has been branded ‘appalling’ and we have received little support with comments of criticism and mismanagement. In my naivety I thought we all worked for the same organisation and were meant to be singing from the same hymn sheet.

Nationally I know that we are a good service. We offer value for money and a good standard of provision. Sadly the consumer culture that has been created within the NHS means that the public do not appreciate that.  People now feel it is their right to have whatever they want, whether or not it is clinically indicated or cost effective.  Such feelings are generally supported by the aforementioned staff group who support patient ideas and generate unrealistic expectations.

Our patient population is growing at a faster rate than commissioning is paying for and at some point something has got to give.  The government continues to tell us that NHS provision is not being cut. I certainly does not feel like that.


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