Do you believe in fairies?

The majority of the work in our house is done by a fairy. She works unnoticed doing all the household things that need doing. Our fairy moonlights though. She works full-time as a nurse and was recently promoted to a nurse manager role. She’s struggling a little bit with work and finding it hard to get everything done around the house.

I wonder how she does it – doing two full-time jobs at the same time. She worries though that she isn’t doing a particularly good job at either and she’d like to be able to concentrate fully on one to really make a good go at it. Tonight she’s particularly struggled – a long day at work and then came round to us. She occasionally gets offers of assistance that don’t actually come to anything. Washing up in particular – “Leave that, I’ll do it later” usually means the washing up will sit there for two days.

Tonight she was praying for that little voice to say “Anything I can do?” as a prompt response had already been mentally prepared –

  • cook the dinner
  • do the washing up
  • order the online shop for Friday
  • sort out the house insurance
  • cancel the car breakdown cover
  • pay the nursery bill
  • put a load of washing on
  • sort out the nappies that were washed yesterday
  • sort out the kids bags for nursery tomorrow

I guess you could say it was the fairy’s fault for not asking for help but you see she did. It was met with a ‘do I have to?’ and ‘but I don’t like it.’ Apparently walking 2 minutes to the chip shop to save cooking dinner was asking a little too much.

I’m worrying the fairy is getting a bit fed up and feeling undervalued. She is debating contacting her union for further advice.  I wonder how quickly her absence would be noticed if she stopped visiting for a few weeks.


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