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A Taunting Photo

on January 11, 2011

One of my monthly clinics is held in a room where this sign appears on the wall

It’s been there for about two or three years. I know it ultimately has a good message but it irritates the hell out of me. I know exactly what I would prefer to eat. Maybe it’s because it’s a little on the patronising side. I’m not sure. Health promotion is such an uphill struggle at work and I don’t feel signs like this are particularly helpful.

It also doesn’t help that this hospital site doesn’t have a canteen or coffee shop of any description. The only ‘facilities’ consist of a solitary vending machine that only has chocolate in it. Not helpful when you’re there for an entire day and forget your lunch.

Maybe its’ purely the fact that I got back on the weight watchers band wagon yesterday.


One response to “A Taunting Photo

  1. SuperGirlWrites says:

    Well done for climbing back on the wagon. I love a muller light!

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