My goals for 2011

I know I’m a week late but my new journal finally arrived yesterday. After lots of pondering I have committed pen to paper and this is what I have come up with –

  • Do more on folksy – add 3 new items a month
  • Go to EuroDisney (and arrive this time!)
  • Keep a journal
  • Blog at least once a week
  • Make a list of UFOs (unfinished objects of a creative variety) and finish them
  • Learn to meditate
  • Decorate our bedroom
  • Think less (I know this sounds woolly – I know what this means to me!)
  • Spend less time on the internet – have 2 internet free evenings a week in January
  • Finish thinking of 101 things for my dayZero list
  • Complete 25 things on the DayZero list
  • Send 365 postcards (random – why did I think of this?!)

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