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A good hospital letter!

on January 7, 2011

We had to take Samuel to the hospital last month. It was his first appointment for six months and leading up to it I’d convinced myself he was deteriorating. His hands and feet had been a poor colour and he seemed to be struggling in the very cold weather.

The appointment went well. His cardiologist agreed that he appeared worse but reassured us that it wasn’t heart related and was most probably due to the continual cold he’s had all winter. There was a student present and the explanation was given that when Samuel was diagnosed he was in severe heart failure – this was giving greater concern than his aortic stenosis. It took six months but his cardiac function eventually returned to normal and at this latest appointment it was confirmed that it remains normal.

We received the copy of the GP letter today. I’m learning that sometimes you find out things not mentioned face to face but this one was very positive. The final paragraph has made me smile lots this evening –

“I am very happy to leave things well alone here. It would seem unlikely that further attention to this valve is going to be required, certainly for some years yet.”


5 responses to “A good hospital letter!

  1. SuperGirlWrites says:

    Whoop. That Samuel is amazing, you breed ’em well. Hows Charlie’s missus doing?

  2. That certainly is good news. Occasionally, hospitals put a smile on your face! I was given the all clear today at the hospital following my open heart surgery 6 months ago. Such a great feeling. As a mother, it must be a relief to receive positive news. Hope Samuel stays well!

    All the best,

  3. Mel says:

    Oh that is fabulous news:)

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