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Lovely lime

on December 29, 2010

I’ve been mooching around on folksy this evening and found some lovely things. Green is not high on my list of favourite colours – I rarely wear it (a colour therapist friend maintains this leads to a lack of balance in my life – not sure how I sit on that one!) Anyway, I’ve always held a soft spot for lime green, although would never dream of wearing it.

This is what I found this evening –

1. Chunky crocheted fruit bowl by locket and pocket – I love the colours. As its pure wool I’d have to hide it from my Mum. She would probably insist on putting it in the washing machine to ‘see what happens’.

2. Funky Retro Ladies Pink & Lime Apron by Stitches by Emmy Lou – too pretty for an apron. I’d be tempted to wear a dress like this!

3. Pink and lime brooch by Lisa Steed Davey – is there a lime and pink theme emerging here?

4. Lime and Aqua Tropical Splash Button Bracelet by Mrs Gibson – I WILL buy myself a Mrs Gibson button bracelet in 2011.


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