Blowing away the cobwebs

I’m stunned that I’ve not been on here since August. Disgusted with myself even! I knew it was a while but not 3 months.

So, a quick catch up. Life is manic as always – hence why I’ve been so busy. I started my masters in September and my sad inner nerd is loving it. There is a lot of work but I think I’m coping alright and just hope the marks are worth it. It’s very structured and totally online so that feels a more comfortable way of working for me. Hopefully it’ll be more successful than my last dabble at a masters.

One of my first modules is about reflection. I hated doing reflection when I was at university. Just the word always prompted me to have a huge inner sigh. As a result I hadn’t formally reflected since graduating eight years ago. I was dreading the module and I hate to say it but its been great!

I’ve learnt that reflection can take on many forms – previously we here handed a model and told to do it. Now, we can do it in whatever feels most comfortable for us. I read one article about reflection through poetry. I’m not about to rush out and start writing haikus about my day at work, but it gave me the inspiration that you can be creative in whatever way suits you. I’ve also got a good list of writing strategies that I can use at different times to fit in with whatever mood I’m in. Like a true saddo, I have my reflective journal which lives in my bag and I’m getting good at scribbling away in it. This is all work related though and part of me is hoping to start one for my ‘other’ life. I started a book up to keep all my life coaching things in so maybe I will rescue that from under my bed. Another part of me thinks that it is difficult to split me into two separate entities – home and work. One influences the other so why not keep the two collections of thoughts in one place? My reflection journal will never be marked for my course, no one else will see it so why not.

    Three Things I Have Learnt Today

1. DNAs and cancellations at clinic can be positive as I can get a lot of university work done.

2. I need to let go, delegate and be less protective of organising things. I’m less precious over my nursing work so why am I when it comes to admin?

3. Journaling is not a chore. It is helpful, gives me clarity and focus on what I need to do next (it also generates lots of nice ‘things to do lists’)

Right. I have a birthday cake that needs creating. Am I up to the challenge of making the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse out of sponge? :s