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Samuel’s taggy blanket

on August 24, 2010

Samuel is obsessed with anything that he can snuggle in bed – he is a teddy bear fan and at nursery has his own brushed cotton pillowcase to cuddle. He usually sleeps with a label stuck in his mouth as well. I think he is the natural candidate for a taggy blanket. I made one for Eloise when she was born but she was totally disinterested in it. After looking at the prices of ‘proper’ taggies (and having a slight heart attack) I decided to have another go at making one.

I got the fleece at the Festival of Quilts on Friday and then got all the ribbons at Hobbycraft. Eloise had fun picking out all the colours with me. So far less than £6 and half and hours work this is what I have created

I’m feeling pleased with it. I was planning on giving it to him as a Christmas present but Steven has been all negative saying he won’t be into that kind of thing by the time we get to Christmas. Oh well!


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