Seriously guilty of blog neglect

I’m ashamed its been over a month since I posted. I’m meant to be trying a post at least weekly and yet again failing miserably.

My excuses are that life has been very hectic – both at home and at work and I’ve been struggling to keep going and get enough sleep at the same time. Even now I’m struggling to think of something informative to write! I will resort to bullet points – apologies for being boring.

I’m busy with my new evening class – textile calico workbook. I’m learning some great new techniques that can be used for loads of different things. It’s also got me interested in hand embroidery – something I’ve never really tried before but I’m loving. I’ve added photos of my favourite piece so far. Not sure whether to keep going with it or to stop adding!

And my photos below just don’t do it justice so I’ve been looking at the adult education brochure for next term. I’m very torn between cake decorating and photography. I need to make a decision soon. Both are practical skills I feel I need at this moment in time!

Eloise and Samuel have both had really good nursery reports in the last couple of weeks. They’re both doing really well. Eloise is ahead in her writing and recent problems with crying when I drop her off in the morning appear to have resolved. Samuel is also doing well and we’ve discussed looking ahead to getting him a statement in the future as his heart condition progresses. It was good as nursery are really supportive in this and it seems they will help us when it’s needed.

Thats it for now. I will muster up more energy tomorrow and write some more.


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