Six months on

It’s been 6 months this week since Samuel’s aortic stenosis was diagnosed and he had his cardiac catheter. Thinking back to that week I really feel we’ve all come a long way and emerged the other side of the big scary cloud we were stuck under.

There was a time when I felt his heart defect heavily weighed on my mind and I never thought I would be able to ‘forget’ it and get on with my life. It was a very lonely time but I’m genuinely in a much happier place now. Samuel’s health is very good which has helped. The uncertainty of the future is still there but I can put it in perspective and its at the back of my mind. I know his valve replacement will be a difficult time for us but I am able to forget about that anxiety for now and will cross that bridge when we need to.

I’ve met many new people and been very thankful that the heart parent community on the internet is as strong and big as it is. Whatever the anxiety – however big or small – there has always been someone who has been through the same and can offer some help.

I’m now busy making plans for the future and feel clear about the direction I’m going in – and I will get there regardless of what Samuel’s aortic valve decides to throw at us!


3 thoughts on “Six months on”

  1. I can remember my stomach turning over as I read your text. I’m so glad that you are doing well, I could say lots of lovely things about you but you know what I think of you šŸ™‚


  2. My daughter 5 months has the same thing. I know what you are going through and am here for any support šŸ™‚ How did your sons procedure turn out? My daughter had hers at 7 weeks and went really well. Look forward to being another form of support for you šŸ™‚


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