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Converted to jelly rolls

on June 21, 2010

So work has started on the jelly roll quilt and already I am converted. After lots of deliberation I chose ‘freebird’ by moda and love the fabric. I’m hoping I can find somewhere that sells it by the metre so I can do a border and binding that matches. The difficulty will be chosing which fabric to have. Such a pity I’ll have to make trips to shops to find this fabric though!

My eyes watered when 202 blocks were mentioned so I’m taking my time with it so I don’t get too fed up. Already I’m worrying about quilting it. Its going to be big and quilting is the bit I enjoy the least. I like putting the top together and then rapidly lose interest. I need to make a new friend with someone who owns a long arm quilter so I can get it done on the cheap. Maybe I’ll start googling that…..


One response to “Converted to jelly rolls

  1. memyselfandotherthings says:

    lmao, googling a friend with a long arm quilter? now that made me giggle.

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