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Too tired to think

on June 18, 2010

I’m going to try hard to be positive and not descend into moaning! Another week I’m pleased is over – been very busy and feel like I could sleep for several days if given the chance. Samuel is still waking stupidly early and Steven has been very unhelpful in letting me have a lie in one morning. Work is still manic and showing no sign of letting up so I’ve got the feeling of being on a treadmill at the moment.

I went to a meeting about the Safe and Sustainable programme on Tuesday night. The department of health is currently reviewing all children’s cardiac surgery and under the current proposals it looks like Oxford could lose surgery. This would means we could have to travel to Southampton or London for Samuel’s treatment in the future. I went to the meeting open-minded and supportive of the theory behind the suggestions made. Sadly I was left doubting the whole thing and very skeptical about the idea. It seems the suggestions made have no foundation and at no time did the panel back up their arguments. I’m worried the decisions have already been made and the meetings are just an exercise in ticking the right boxes so it looks like correct process has been followed. We will be very very sad if Oxford closes and it is already clear that the people working there are looking for jobs elsewhere. I’m feeling the need to put this energy into a good moaning letter to my MP!

But let’s be positive!

I’ve just bought lots of wool on eBay to make myself a couple of things (please, no-one tell Steven as he may ask how much money I’ve spent)

I’ve got a few days off work next month to escape to Mum and Dad’s caravan with Eloise and Samuel. Steven can’t get the time off work so I’m biting the bullet and going on my own. I’m a little scared of the thought of no adult conversation for nearly three days (hence the large quantity of wool to help me knit my way back to sanity)

I’m really enjoying my book at the moment – The Kite Runner. Despite my tiredness and falling asleep mid-chapter I’ve got a big pile of books to work through.

I’m losing my train of thought….need coffee.


One response to “Too tired to think

  1. memyselfandotherthings says:

    I loved the Kite Runner, totally amazing book.

    I think you guys need a get up rota, I recommend writing down a schedule of when who of you gets up. I know Steve works nights, hence the schedule that can adapt to his work schedule. It’s the only way. Ask, force, cry. If nothing else helps then kick him out of bed.

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