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Roundup of the week

on June 11, 2010

At the moment I’m thankful the week is over! Had a long week at work and feel like there’s going to be not let up in it. I’ve had to bring work home for the weekend and have a very long clinic on Monday. I will be relieved when Monday is over and I’m hoping I don’t sit and worry about it all weekend.

The week started on a massive high – I found out our tax credits had been recalculated and I was owed a hefty sum of money from last year. This was paid in full into my bank account which was a lovely surprise. It means we’ve been able to buy a new TV as our has been threatening to die for about 18 months. I also went through my 101 list and decided to bite the bullet and buy a Radley bag. It arrived yesterday and I’m thrilled with it (in a really sad way!)

I bought a new dress yesterday. It is so far removed from anything I usually wear but I decided to be brave after hours of agonising over it. I was drawn to the fabric more than anything. Its a lot shorter that I would usually wear but the mini Gok Wan that lives in my head was telling me to go for it. I wore it out last night and had lots of compliments on it so perhaps I should be braver more often. After the inital self-consciousness I was able to forget about the fact I was wearing a short dress! Talking of Gok, this week he put a girl in a maxi dress with a butterfly print. I loved it but sadly it was by Ted Baker and cost £200. When I was out last night there was a girl wearing a smaller dress and another in a skirt both in the same fabric. I am taking this as a sign. I will not though pay that much for an item of clothing so my new mission is to find similar fabric to make a dress myself. Hours of internet trawling lay ahead….

Had a moment with life coaching this week. I have finally admitted that my hoarding and generally household clutter is an issue and needs sorting. I do blitz it every so often but it soon all creeps back again. Steven is adamant we need a new bigger house. I’m just convinced we need to through some of our rubbish out! Paperwork is the project of the week – it’s the one that bothers me the most. I’ve bought a new box file in preparation and that’s my job for this evening (inward groan). In the new spirit of positivity I am determined that this change is going to be a permanent one!

And on a random ending I have attracted loads of new twitter followers this week. It’s all spam related and I have not got a clue what I have done to deserve it!

Right, a mountain of shredding and a powerpoint presentation on catheterisation are calling me.


One response to “Roundup of the week

  1. memyselfandotherthings says:

    That dress looks awesome and I am so, so pleased for you that you got the bag:)

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