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Still guilty of blog neglect

on June 5, 2010

Despite making a promise to blog at least once a week I’ve failed again! Never mind. I’ll get there eventually. I have been busy though so thats my excuse.

Yesterday I went to Barrys in Birmingham and treated myself to some lovely fabric

The main one at the front is for a dress for myself. My sister accused me of being too lairy but I’m listening closely to Gok Wan who has advised me to step away from my safe zone of jeans and black or white t-shirt. With the world cup coming up I know I won’t be able to get near the tv so I intend doing plenty of sewing. I’ve got enough fabric to make a dress and top for myself and a dress and outfit for Eloise.

I’ve also been working in the garden having a good tidy up. I’ve bought some new plants but I’m also trying to ressurect some old ones as well. Eloise helped me buy the new plants so guess what colour scheme we’re closely following….

Still have lots on the list to do but I’m getting there. Made £20 on ebay last week – not a life changing sum but enough to get some fabric! Braved weight watchers this morning and I’m 2lb below goal so I’m happy that I’m keeping on the right track there. So all in all – life is good!


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